Sickening ‘infomercials’

Notice how the pro-abortion movement pushes the dehumanization of the unborn calling it just a bunch of cells which helps one over come the guilt of killing ones own unborn child.

Soon Planned Parenthood will air late night TV infomercials advertising abortion specials in taking care of that little problem like.1. Death through suction. 2. Slice and dice. 3. fetus lethal injections. 4. Discount price on your next abortion. 5. We also offer bottling of your aborted fetus to use as a table conversation piece. 

...and for those wanting to re-live the god like power over life moment video tape of the whole procurer is offered to share with your pro-abortion friends are also available at a low discount price. 

When your feeling that guilt trip coming on around Mothers Day why just flip that tape in and re-live the moment by viewing your personal experience over and over again. 

We also offer color 8x10 photos of that aborted mass of human cells suitable for framing. Is abortion racist....Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood associated with racist and anti-Semites and believed in eugenics, nazi Germany perfected abortions, a majority of PP clinics are in minority communities, 90% of all pro-abortion protesters are White middle class women, over 40% of all abortions performed are on Black women..looks racist to me.

Miguel Rios


Like mindedness

Thank you Robert Mc Gregor for your great letter about Elizabeth Warren calling Kevin McCarthy a traitor.

Warren is the trator because of a lot of the things she wants. For instance: One time she said that she wanted the minimum wage raised to $20 a hour. That is not American because it would break a lot of employers.

She also said that she wanted to limit the interest rates charged by lenders. How is that American when it tells lenders how to run their business? 

Yep she is the traitor.

And don’t get me started on the liberal media ignoring Hunter Biden’s crimes and telling us that President Trump and Don Jr. are criminals. Its horrible and makes me sick. So thank you again for your superb letter.

David Cooper


Today in history

Let’s reflect on some of the events in one of my favorite features in the Valley Press, “Today in History.”

April 12, 1861, the Civil War began as Confederate forces opened fire on Fort Sumter in South Carolina. That’s right gang, the South started the war, Abraham Lincoln responded, and the Confederacy got its clock cleaned.

April 19, 2017, Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly following an investigation into harassment allegations. O’Reilly gets fired, but dozens of Republican politicians are guilty of sexual harassment and nothing happens to them.

April 24, 1961, in the wake of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, President John F. Kennedy said he “bears sole responsibility for the events for the past few days.”  Of course Donald Trump was responsible for the insurrection and coup, but will never accept blame. Talk about the Big Lie.

May 4, 1886, at Haymarket Square in Chicago, a labor demonstration for an eight-hour work day turned into a deadly riot when a bomb exploded. Just the beginning of Republicans attacking workers and unions.

May 7, 1945, the Battle of Diem Bien Phu in Vietnam ended with Vietnamese insurgents overrunning French forces. Eleven years later the North Vietnamese defeated the US. Talk about not learning from history.

May 8, 2020, the unemployment level surged to 14.7% last seen when the nation was in the Great Depression: 14% under Trump, 3.6% under Joe Biden. And Republicans still claim Trump’s economy was better.

Ralph S. Brax


Time for change

With the recent passing of Vern Lawson and the retirement of Mr. William Warford and Mr. Bill Deaver, the AV Press has been left with a dearth of local columnists that, without a doubt, is being felt by many AV residents. 

Their talent and sensibility to issues impacting their community are being lauded throughout among circles consisting of prominent members of their tribe, and rightfully so. 

We have seen countless organizations and civic bodies paying well-deserved homage to these individuals for their many years of dedicated story-telling and interpretation of events. The city of Palmdale presented Mr. Warford with a commendation just last week.

No question that these three gentlemen paid a great service to their community, their tribe, and all of the recognition speaks to this fact. 

In the most respectful way possible, AV-LULAC would like to ask what the AV Press plans to do to fill the void and would like to recommend that the next three columnists hired be members of other tribes, perhaps the tribes that now constitute the majority of the AV population but who have rarely been represented in AV Press positions as journalists and columnists.

Such an action would not only be business savvy, but it would also recognize the existence and show appreciation for the cultural differences inherent in the various tribes of the AV. 

It would allow for news items to be written from a different perspective than what we have been accustomed to. We hope that the new Publisher at AV Press understands this need and the opportunity which now presents itself. 

Latino leaders representing many organizations met with the previous publisher and, it is our sincere hope that this effort will not be futile as in the past. Perhaps another meeting is in order.

Xavier Flores

President, AV-LULAC


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