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No explanation

With the help of Laura, a very helpful staff member at the Palmdale Library, I was able to read Guy Marsh’s letter of 11-3-2017.  

Contrary to his assertion, he does not explain how capital is produced by workers in the absence of Capitalists, he only states that it is.  

He does not provide any example of Socialist industrial unionism or a Marxist-DeLeonist system of government producing any capital that workers have been able to divide and keep.  

According to Marsh, capitalists are not needed because workers can self-govern and administer day-to-day operations, but he never explains what initially motivates workers into industrial production.  

He does not acknowledge that ideas, knowledge, organizational ability, willingness to risk losing capital and many other things besides labor are necessary inputs to production and do not act without compensation.  

I contend that if not for Capitalists willing to speculate that enough people want to buy coffee, neither Starbucks or the smallest coffee house would exist, and baristas would have nowhere to work.  

Idle workers standing around in the Home Depot parking lot have not organized themselves to buy some land, buy materials, build a house, sell it and keep all the proceeds of their own labor.

Jonathan Kennedy


Roads need help

Many of our roads in Lancaster are in need of serious repairs. As an example, the corner of J-8 and 15th St West.

Instead of repairing them, the road department decided to build more round-abouts.

This reminds me of the bullet train waste of money.

That money could be used to repair our major highways.

Judy Hutton


America has

never tried

Think it through 3/2/19. Fifty-four years ago, the Black American became free on paper, that didn’t abolish discrimination, nor did it compensate the descendants of slaves, however, the government did pay slave owners for loss of property.

AKA African American human beings, that seems like pandering to a segment of the population to me, just saying.

As far as the descendants of the Japanese and Native Americans, they, too, received forms of reparations. The Irish received a murican rule change called acceptance — they have the complexion for the protection.

The only ethnic group in Amerikkka, who hasn’t received some form of payment, that is specifically for that ethnic group, is the American Black human being. The ones who ancestors were stolen, purchased enslaved as chattle, as well as our offspring so on and so forth, for generations. As opposed to immigrants or indentured servants.

In the future, please educate yourself and then take some time to honor late Republican President Lincoln, after all it was his legislation that deemed the former enslaved Negro shall receive our 40 acres and a mule.

Although racist white supremacist, nationalistic, American ideology believers would rather die than to have an honest conversation about race relations and income inequality that specifically disenfranchises the Black American and why.

The time is long overdue. Suggestion until Black Jesus makes you “Black like me” maybe one should not concern oneself so much, with how Amerikkka’s wrongs should and can begin to be made right.

America has never tried.

Lynde Williams


How things

have changed

I enjoyed an old movie this weekend from 1967.

The film was “Bullitt,” starring Steve McQueen. There were many scenes photographed in various parts of the city of San Francisco. I was struck by the juxtaposition of city streets and sidewalks cleanliness, compared to today’s environment.

I didn’t see any rum-dums laying around doing drug injections, no discarded hypodermic needles, no piles of filth and crappe, no homeless tent encampments, no partially dressed mental cases or exhibitionists, etc.

The reason for the change in the environment in that city is obvious. You only need to plot the growth of these conditions with changes in the dominant political party skewing to the Democrat left.

I see Los Angeles exhibiting many of these traits, too. A prime example is the typhus epidemic growing in L.A. Neither city has the leaders willing to excise these conditions. They only provide alibis and unrealistic pie-in-the-sky solutions.

I hope the AV leaders are more resolute and act forthrightly using current health, housing, social service and criminal laws enabling our Sheriff Dept. to eradicate any chance of this growth in our towns.

Larry Kissam



space dummy

The article on the SpaceX capsule heading for ISS omits the name of the sensor laden mannequin that is accompanying the SpaceX capsule.

It just happens to be named Ripley. Well, Ripley just happens to be my maiden name.

We are a 280-year-old family from back East. So I hope this “dummy” is a very intelligent space dummy.

Rachel Roach


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