Misleading study

In response to the AP article in the AV Press, 2/1/19, State Auditor Elaine Howle’s assessment was that “recidivism rates did not vary significantly between inmates who participated in the most rehabilitation classes and those who had no program at all.” This, based off five-year-old data.

It makes no sense that the state auditor would use five-year-old data, when in 8/17, California put into effect Prop. 57, which allows inmates to reduce their prison sentence by participating in prison programs such as GED, college, vocational and self-help classes.

An assessment that did not include Prop. 57 programs would most definitely be a biased, misleading study.

However, that does not mean that CDCR and prison programs are up to par. They are not. They are flawed and they are neglecting most inmates.

One Antelope Valley prison, California City Correction Facility, has over 2,500 inmates, most of which are not getting programs, at all. It is estimated 60 to 70% of California City inmates are not being allowed into programs.

Inmates trying to attend programs are told they have too much time left to begin classes. Others are told they have too little time. Others are put in jobs so they can’t attend classes. Many are just put on endless waiting lists.

California City has one college proctor for 2,500 inmates. Really, how much work can one person do? People trying to get into substance abuse programs attempting to change their lives, are told “no.”

California should stop wasting time on useless audits and instead, focus on how to lower recidivism by getting inmates requesting programs into the requested programs. Prop. 57 only works if you allow inmates into programs.

Donna Grisham


Shades of the

bullet train

Dr. Coronado is “over the moon” with the prospect of the Green New Deal.  

But lets consider a current energy project in Georgetown, Texas, which is working to be 100% renewable energy from solar and wind.  

The city with 70,000 population elected a Republican mayor in 2012, who wanted to have the city be 100% renewable energy and energy costs have been going up ever since.  

Since 2016, the city has lost $30 million and energy prices for residents have risen. The problems generating (no pun intended) the citizens complaints have been horrible procurement contracts and falling energy cost of electricity produced by gas powered generation facilities.  

The local newspaper has been reporting on the issues and residents complaining. The mayor is tired of the complaining and now blames and even threatened the newspaper editor for reporting on the project.  Shades of the California Bullet train and we all know how that government project is progressing.

Curt Redecker


What a joke

The Trump administration has had some sick ideas, but claiming that Trump’s half-baked, dishonest, AIPAC-stooge son-in-law is going to bring peace to Middle East has got to be the sickest.

Jared Kushner is family friends with criminal, land-grabbing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and also chummy with murdering Saudi prince bin Salman. And we are supposed to believe that Kushner is seriously interested in getting Israel out of the West Bank and the Golan Heights and bringing justice to the Palestinian people.

A dangerously sick joke.

Will  Brown


Give him a chance

I read in the AV Press that Pastor Shane Idleman will begin radio broadcasts and these radio stations have been purchased with the help of his congregation of the Westside Fellowship of Leona Valley.

I have not yet had the opportunity to find the station and therefore do not know the subjects he will broadcast.

However, I did see in the Opinion section, that someone has already written to criticize the broadcasts — probably without hearing one yet, either. I hope the station will present uplifting and informative messages.

To the person who is judging negatively before even hearing, I would like to quote a line by Anthony Quinn in the movie, “The Message:” “Where is the lie and where is the truth if you won’t let him speak?” Let’s just give the man a chance!”

Patty Akkad


Two thumbs up

Re: AV Press article 2-26-‘19, “Offering California’s foster youth...”.

Two thumbs up to Senator Scott Wilk for introducing S.B. 219.

S.B. 219 will fill a raw exposed gap in the foster care system. It’s aimed at providing funding for kids in the LA County foster care system to give them access to activities they currently don’t have.

Extracurricular activities such as sports and art, etc. have been shown to make exceptional developmental improvements in kids that enhance their abilities to move on from foster care to achieve success in their lives.

It’s something that will help kids overcome the constant disadvantages and insecurities they face, daily.

One-third of all foster kids in the County system are in the AV, additionally, one third of all foster kids never graduate from high school. Hopefully, this bill can aid in supporting many who will stay on the right track and prove to be successful.

Dave Walker


Roadwork not

what expected

What is going on? For four days this last week, on west Ave. N between 45th and 50th Streets, four or five trucks and a lot of workers had been sanding off the lines on the street.

Now new lines have been painted, but some of the new lines are only about six inches from where the old line were. We thought that they would be removing a traffic lane to be replaced by a bike lane.

But thankfully not, still have four lanes each way. So Palmdale why and not be filling in holes and cracks instead?

Keith Brooker


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