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Capitalism vs. Socialism

In response to congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) New Green Deal proposal, letter writer David R. Wheeler wrote, “I am stunned at the apparent rush to socialism by many Democrats…”

In a recent interview with MSNBC, AOC stated that Socialism is when a corporation raises wages and agrees to “put some workers on the board.”

Then she categorically ruled out the answer that the difference between Capitalism and Socialism is one based upon whether a given society’s means of production is privately owned or socially owned, effectively referring to that enormous distinction as irrelevant.

As a congressional representative, AOC may push policy in the direction of having improved working conditions and the like, but she is not facilitating any discussion of Socialism, for she is not a Socialist. So classify her in the same corner as F.D.R., who announced his goal at a 1936 convention as: “Reform if you will preserve (Capitalism).”

Beyond that, the voguish use of the phrase “Democratic Socialism” causes considerable confusion.

As people have known for approximately 2,500 years, “democratic” refers to majority rule. When saying “Democratic Socialism,” people are using the word “Democratic” to mean “make minor changes only, not revolutionary ones,” which is not what that word means, and it is an utterly separate topic.

Finally, the words “Capitalist” and “Socialist,” when used as an adjective for an individual, are not opposites, because they refer to different things.

You are a Capitalist based on what you (own), while you are a Socialist based on what you (think).

Correspondingly, and as the readership has just seen, AOC does not deliberate like a socialist. Instead, she promotes reformism; that which Socialism has forever pilloried.

Guy Marsh


Simple question

I have one very simple question for Guy Marsh, Will Brown and everybody else who supports the BDS movement against Israel.

Do you want a two-state solution?

Or do you want a country for the Palestinians, instead of Israel, and with no Jews?

David Cooper


They should know

Ms. Bettie Urbina writes a column in this newspaper entitled, “Senior Scene.”

Previously, Ms. Urbina gave her opinion about homelessness and stated her opinion that some of the homeless are vandals. Ms. Urbina responded in her column about what I wrote. Additionally, Phil Denny agreed with Ms. Urbina’s assessment and stated that he has seen this, himself.

I would like to thank Ms. Urbina for the compliment about me,  saying that “he thinks and he makes some good points.”

I appreciate Ms. Urbina’s experience working with Grace Resources and United Methodist Church with the homeless. Explaining that some of the homeless that received help apparently were the same people that broke into your church shines light onto your opinion that some of them are vandals.

Mr. Denny’s opinion, in contrast with what Ms. Urbina thinks about me, is the complete opposite. Mr. Denny is puzzled as to what my agenda is, saying that I “…rarely give out praise unless it has to do with the black community.”  

I recall going to my high school reunion (Desert High School on Edwards AFB) and was surprised as to how many former classmates were bringing up my letters. One classmate told me that his father reads my letters and has discussions. Another encouraged me to keep writing. They were all white.

The majority of my friends/acquaintances have always been white. Out of 24 classmates, I was the only black person in my first grade class.  

I remember my white teacher Ms. Stevenson reaching out to me. Because of her, everybody else did. Many white people like Denny have written to this newspaper and not taking the time to learn from other people’s experiences like me. Regular writers to this newspaper should know about me by now just like Denny should.  

Vincent White


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