Doing the twist

Rudy Giuliani spins and twists everything around so much regarding the Trump investigations, including himself, that he may end up suffering the same fate as the guy who froze to death in Alaska many years ago, while doing the twist.

When they buried him, they had to screw him into the ground.

Marty Scepan


They are victors

Lynde Williams wrote: “The only ethnic group in Amerikkka who hasn’t received some sort of payment, that is specifically for that ethnic group, is the American Black human being.”   

Williams concluded, “America has never tried.”

​Over a half million Americans, mostly white men, died during the Civil War that freed “American Black human beings.” After the war ended, white and black Republicans were beaten, their homes burned and many were lynched by the KKK paramilitary force of the Democrat party because they tried to secure the rights of the newly freed slaves.

Yet Ms. Williams​ claims America never tried. The many lives lost and ruined do not count in her calculus of “some sort of payment.” Nor do affirmative actions in hiring and education for nearly 50 years suffice as compensation.

​No, all the blood and treasure of the most lethal war in our history are insufficient payment, according to Williams. She thinks a reparations settlement is overdue and she blames Ameri-KKK-a for not delivering.

​Many black Americans have rejected this tired ideology of blame and resentment. They know they are blessed to live in America, the land of freedom and opportunity.  

Unlike Williams, they do not blame “racist white supremacist, nationalistic, American ideology” and demand that Americans pay them for the sins of others long dead.

​They aren’t waiting for a check. They don’t look to others for their pursuit of happiness and success. They are masters of their own fate. They are victors, not victims.

Bill Homan


No take-backs

Much to the chagrin of the Republicans, Governor Newsom did not stop the construction of the speed rail, all he did was delay it.

The idea of the high speed rail goes as far back as Pat Brown, Jerry’s father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger,

a Republican also thought it was a good concept and stimulated its promotion. All of these leaders were men with the foresight and ability to advance California beyond their time.

The ability to commute from one area to another, in the shortest length of time, in comfort and environmentally sound, was their goal.

Currently, over 56% of Californians want the speed rail to continue its advance. In fact, those in Southern California are looking forward to the day when we can catch a train to San Francisco, San Diego or even Las Vegas and be back the same day.

No, Mr. President you can’t have those taxes back!   

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

He doesn’t get it

We rarely think of Donald Trump’s religiosity. And piousness is not required to become president of the United States. It is a reality that highly partisan Republican politicians overlook Trump’s many moral missteps because they see being in his good favor as an immediate political advantage. So be it.

But it never ceases to amaze me that those most prone to overlook Donald Trump’s myriad moral and intellectual failings are the deeply religious. To them, it seems, Jesus’ teachings are no more than loose guidelines for assessing our randy, unprincipled president.

Among the most fundamental of Christ’s lessons was kindness and generosity with others. Wealth was considered a burden, stifling one’s true purpose.

Jesus spoke of sharing our bounty with others less fortunate. Recall the “camel through the eye of a needle” scripture regarding the likelihood of a rich man entering the Kingdom of Heaven? Generosity is not one of Donald Trump’s life pursuits. Amassing more wealth is.

Jesus taught us to be humble. He discouraged seeing ourselves as “wise in our own eyes,” but instead modest and willing to learn from God and others!

“Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless,”(James 1:26).

I’ll let readers make the necessary connections here. Donald Trump is not humble and there is no evidence he seeks to become more so.

But white, evangelical Christians approve of the president’s bogus national emergency gambit by 67-26; they believe there is a national emergency on the border by 70-22; they say he’s properly using his powers by 69-23; and those who say they are more likely to vote for him by 60-22.

I just don’t get it.

Jarold Wright

San Rafael

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