They contribute to their own deaths

The high number of pedestrians being killed nationwide as shown in the March 11 AV Press Opinion page should not be so surprising.  

The article lists large SUVs as a serious culprit, but I suspect the real culprit is the pedestrian.

A drive east or west on Avenue I between the freeway and 30th Street East, almost every day, sees a number of people crossing the street some distance between crosswalks, often causing traffic to come to a stop.  

They often just do a slow walk across the street and almost dare you to drive too close to them. At night, it’s even worse, with people crossing Avenue I in dark clothing and not seeming to care that the driver can’t see them.  

If it occurred just once in a while, but almost every day, I see the same thing with no care about the dangers to themselves or the vehicle driver.  

Its so prevalent along Avenue I, that I suspect one could find the same issues through out Lancaster and Palmdale.   

Then multiply the problem nationwide and its surprising there are not more body bag recipients.  

Cars and SUVs may be really big contributors to the pedestrian deaths, but by observation, I believe the pedestrians, themselves, are the biggest contributors to the high death rate.

Gene Sannes


Fake history

On March 7, Mr. Ed Galindo made several comments regarding WWII, one of them was “However, actual physical engagement did not reach our shores.”  

So, the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 was just a misunderstanding?

Francis Chen


Pets matter

Allowing owners to keep their pets in county funding housing is a nice idea.  

I, myself, love my pets and have a special bond.

The homeless people who have pets and our veterans being allowed to keep their pets in the new housing development is a great idea, but these owners should know that it will be mandatory spay and neuter of all dogs and cats, microchip, rabies, licensing and vaccinations to keep other pets safe.

There is low-cost spay and neuter at Palmdale shelter at the mobile clinic, no excuses depending on age of pet.

As a Lancaster shelter volunteer, I strive to help people and help educate owners the necessity of no more unwanted puppies or kittens.

This was not mentioned in the article on March 11 Valley Press by supervisor Kathryn Barger, and it should have been in the first paragraph.

I also feel it’s unfair to make it mandatory for owners who rent to Section 8, they must allow people renting they can have a pet.  

It should be up to the homeowner what they prefer.  

Allowing pets in county funding homes will definitely save lives. Katharine Barger, you need to also realize this is an on going problem and there are a lot more reasons people dump their animals, spend some time at L.A. county shelters and see it with your own eyes.

Bonnie Witten

Lancaster shelter volunteer

Not-so-speedy trial

Just wondering if anyone else, besides me, is curious why Ledford and his co-defendants have not faced a jury yet?

Are the people in charge stalling this out, hoping that people will just forget and the charges will go away?

The people of Palmdale should be outraged by preferential treatment these people are getting.

It has been nearly two years and nothing has happened. What has happened to speedy trials in this case?

Would like to hear other peoples’ opinion.

Thomas R. Horner


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