Surprise, surprise

An AP article from Sacramento published in this paper on Tuesday, March 4, said California state lawmakers want to spend $100 billion toward clean energy.

Part of the funding would be all of the gas and diesel tax and vehicle registration increase that was voted to stay in place after the voters were lied to about it being taken away from road and bridge repairs. Well now it is going somewhere else anyway. Surprise, surprise.

The AP article also stated “We have to live in California, ***”.

Well, some of us don’t. Those that do not like the direction this state is going and have the resources to move. Those that are left (pun intended) will bear the consequences of continuing outrageous tax increases. I think property tax is next, as housing prices go up.

This mess is caused by the people most of you voted for.

Barry Braman


Why is Socialism

so great?

There are many demonstrations happening in Venezuela now.

The country’s power grid is collapsing, up to 90% of the population lives in poverty and government corruption is out of control. Political opposition leader Juan Guaido tells his followers “hard times are ahead.”

So, AOC and Bernie Sanders, tell me again why socialism is so great?

Steve Pittinato


Marvelous schools

The schools today you ask? Evidently, marvelous.

Seen/heard locally in a crowded public place and possibly indicative of genius — or a product of some neat tutoring, anyway.  

A cute  little, possibly eight year-old, girl was leaving with her mother who said, “Don’t forget your teddy bear.”    

Sure enough, she had dropped her pink teddy bear, but she was obviously preoccupied.  

You see, she had been net-surfing on her little hand-held quantum mechanical device. Needless to add, this was a revelation to this octo-something, techno-illiterate-type observer.

Who said our schools are failing?

Kenneth Nickel



tragic results

Bill Warford’s column referring to T.S. Eliot’s warning of a post-Christian society is a fair caution for the progressive leanings of today’s millennials.  

Rabid use of terms such as sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and the omnipresent racism have replaced the medieval word heresy in the current religion of Progressivism.

The later seeks to replace Christianity as the dominant national religion. Do not doubt that.

The obsessive need to control and destroy the thoughts of others through political correctness and the absurd self-deluding narcissism of being insulted, are devastating to the long-term survival of any society.  

Such a mindset is nothing more than an intemperate addiction to one’s own ego or perhaps for an identity described class of a given culture.

The Reign of Terror following the French Revolution of the late 18th century and the ascendancy to Bolshevik power of Joseph Stalin in Communist Russia of the 1920s should be ample warning.

Tragically, with the revisionist history being taught today, young students are unlikely to ever hear of them.

Good people with good intentions but without historical foundation often create tragic results.

Replacing rational thoughts with shallow slogans and demonization of the opposition cannot ultimately have a happy ending.

The tyranny of idealism may be catastrophically imposed once again. This time on the American next generation.

After the inevitable collapse, the resurgence of a spiritual foundation will once again be imperative.

John Manning


Just asking

Katie Hill on the House Oversight and Reform Committee (now there is a conflict in terms), leading the charge to dig up dirt on President Trump.

Looks like that $23 million she received for her election campaign bought more then her election.

Or how does a wet behind the ears freshman representative, with zero government experience, get assigned to the Witch Hunt Committee so soon? Just asking.

David Stilwell


Pedestrians should be responsible

The editorial on Monday greatly focused on the driver of a car being responsible for pedestrian deaths.

When the driver of a car is waiting at a stop light his foot is on the brake, I don’t think that causes a pedestrian death.

What causes the pedestrian deaths is the oblivious manner in which a person just walks into and across the street without even looking to see if cars are present.  

Pedestrians on their phone will walk when there’s a blinking red light with the number three on it, or a big red hand, which obviously is not the drivers mistake. Rushing between crosswalks trying to avoid traveling cars is more dangerous than the pedestrian seems to think. That behavior also causes injury. I think the pedestrian has to take a larger  part in being more responsible, as it is a shared problem.

Rachel Roach


Doesn’t make sense

Politicians are concerned with the high cost of health care due to the consumption of fast foods and snacks in America, so laws have been passed to require calorie counts be provided on menus and food packaging.

So why would a growing number of presidential candidates agree that marijuana be legalized? Don’t they realize this could cause more health problems and obesity?

What are they smoking?

Gary Hansen


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