The Board needs to remember their jobs

Your news article in the Valley Press shows us clearly, that the gang of three on the High School District School Board do not understand their job nor care about the money they are spending.

As the elected member from their respective geographical areas, they are expected to answer to their constituents.  The money they spend is the taxpayers’ money and the position as a Board member does not constitute a personal, all-expenses-paid fiefdom.

Rod Penner’s comments to the Board are, in my opinion, right on. I have attended many of the Board meetings and it has always been easy to tell when the Board has already made up their mind on an issue.

But, always voting as a block and using their position to hire friends, colleagues and others they know is wrong.   

Ms. Ruffin was wrong in worrying about the race of the builders on the project at Knight high school. Hiring the most qualified contractor at the best possible price is the best way to transact school business. Any other concern she has would just be racist.

Apparently others have the same impression about this Board. In two months, they have alienated a lot of people with the potential to do great harm to the District. I think the other two Board members need to be included in the decision making.  

The Board should remember that the job of the District is to educate kids. They are in a significant elected position and with enough malfeasance in their jobs, they can be removed from office.

Jim Gardner


Fix it, Governor

It would seem to me, in my opinion, that Governor Newsom has recently made two decisions that affect most of us.

His first was, as expected, to withdraw the California National Guard away from the southern border. Trying to stick a stick in Mr. Trump’s eyes.

Since the governor is a blatant Socialcrat who can’t wait to get a couple more million voters, illegal they would be, I am against it, but not at all surprised.

How does that affect most of us? Unless those who want to be Americans enter legally and work while paying state and federal taxes, not under the table, as day labor, etc., then our burden to fund all the give-away programs will rise substantially.

Not legal? Get legal, now. Don’t want to be legal? Then get out. You are not welcome.

The second thing the governor did, stop the bullet train drain, I actually agree with. I have stated, in print, that I would support this train, but only if there were new, elevated (to keep cars, trucks crazy folk who want to die) off the tracks. As I said before, one track going north, only, one south, only, one east, only, one west, only. Any use of existing tracks only lead to horrible crashes.

So Governor, great move on the bullet train, but you have weakened Californians with your removal of the CNG from the border.

As a side note, weren’t you mayor of San Fran. when the homeless and druggy population exploded, due to a policy of no arrests, no detaining, giving needles instead of real help and have you been to San Fran lately? It is a cesspool of human waste and open drug use and not a cop in sight doing cop work. Hint: Fix it, Governor. Start now.

Skip Thacker


Big loser

You can’t analyze the private thoughts of Kim Jong Un.

He thought he could buffalo President Trump to lift economic sanctions in exchange for vague denuclearization promises.

Obviously we have the sharper tool in the shed. Kim badly misread our president’s position, thinking he could put one over on him.

He thought wrong. I’m so thankful we have a strong leader that’s looking out for our country and can see through the smoke and mirrors.  

Hurrah for Trump for not returning with a bad deal just to make a deal, like our past President. Kim was the big loser. Keep on truckin’ Trump.

Judy Watson


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