Have faith

Antelope Valley Union High School District (AVUHSD) is considering a security contract with K12 Secure, a newly formed security group, at the tune of $62,240.  

The District’s governing Board has a responsibility to instill public trust and maintain financially responsibility. However, there are a number of “red flags” warning signs that this arrangement does not appear to be in the best interest of the District. In fact, the proposed contract comes across as a good old boy deal that is taking care of an old friend, with a “sweetheart” money transaction at the expense of AVUHSD.

The rejection of this reported security contract by the governing Board of Trustees is a no brainer for many reasons. Just look at the serious red flag warnings facing the Board. The company K12 Secure, does not have a bona fide history of work, particularly since its inception is a little more than two months.  It is newly formed and obviously lacking a reliable track history as a security firm.  

Frank Bruce, the owner, is the sole employee “to determine the most appropriate measures to ensure that the campuses of the District are safe as possible.”  

Clearly, questions surface when the media is unable to obtain information pertaining their business license and their lack of a business website. These shortcomings are significant when dealing with the many schools in the District. The matter is further complicated when the security proposal lacks itemization of reasonable cost and time line estimates.

What is evident to this reader, is that AVUHSD needs to improve or develop clear policy for contract bidding. Open bidding and transparency are a must, if public trust is to be maintained. I have faith that the AVUHSD Board of Trustees will do the right thing.

Harry Taylor


It’s all about them

It’s not often I find myself In agreement with Ralph Brax but regarding the new voting majority bloc on the Antelope Valley Union High School District Board, we seem to do just that.

These three do not appear to be serving the interests of the students of the District with their actions. Rather, it seems their efforts are aimed at benefiting themselves and their friends.

For example, they want websites designed by elite designers. The District has a website they could be added to and tech staff who could facilitate that but that’s not good enough for these three. Their reasons for needing websites? They sound more like campaign tools, things like their vision for certain schools, etc.

It seems when it’s time to vote on something they want for themselves, they have all the info. necessary and are ready to vote. But if it’s for the kids, on more than one occasion, data that should have been procured wasn’t and the vote was tabled or they just said no.

We need a Board that is there to serve the District, not the other way around. If these three don’t get it together, I believe a recall is in order.

There is a waiting period (six months I believe) before an office holder can be recalled but we, as a community, should be ready to go forward as soon as it is possible. I have little confidence we will see the changes in actions we need to see.

Glenn Miller


Placing blame

Jussie Smollet wanted people to believe that Trump supporters (especially white guys) were violent homophobes and racists.  

Progressive politicians and pundits piled on Smollet’s hate-filled fiction. Democrat presidential candidates even called the staged incident a modern-day lynching. A credulous media eagerly fanned the flames of racial tensions.

This is dangerous stuff. Not long ago, another bogus story (hands up-don’t shoot) lead to riots, violence and death.  

Besides the old lesson of diminishing returns for crying wolf, a very long list of anti-Trump hate hoaxes shows that liberal demand far exceeds the supply of racist, a-b-c-x-y-z-nophopic Trump supporters.  

Progressives have resorted to spreading an endless stream of phony stories and hate hoaxes. Anything that validated their contempt for President Trump and his supporters was quickly embraced and passed along regardless of the truth or consequences.  

These were not ignorant actions. They reveal a deep insecurity and a blind hatred towards President Trump and his supporters. The left has become what they claim to despise.

Bill Homan


‘Cowering’ behind children

Senator Feinstein’s confrontation with the Sunrise children’s brigade clearly illustrates the failure of Common Core.

The “conversation” represented 100% propaganda and 0% critical thinking. I thought only ISIS cowered behind children. Now it’s clear that the Democrats’ strategy is children weaponizing children. Check out the movie “Wild in the Streets” (1968) to see how this turns out.

Stephen Stukas

Quartz Hill

Wrong is wrong

Recently, Ms. Watson wrote that she is a white woman, aged 78, and how she was misinterpreted as being racist, homophobic, sexist and extremist. How can you express yourself without being misinterpreted as a racist?

Ms. Des Voigne writes that we should pray for Trump since God placed him in office because he “...champions Christian causes.” I believe that God placed Trump in office to expose the “isms” in society such as sexism and racism.

In the past, Ms. Watson wrote about former President Obama lying just like President Trump, but since President Trump’s lies benefited the economy, it’s OK. How does lying align with her beliefs of Christianity?

Additionally, President Trump has cheated on his wife and has made derogatory remarks about women and Watson says that is OK? The whole eight years that Obama was president, numerous letters were written about his alleged misdeeds, but when Trump became president, you hardly read anything from Republicans. In fact, Watson has written several letters over the years disrespecting Obama. Why, then is the pen silent with Trump?

Is it not considered bias to accept major shortcomings from a white man but constantly criticize an African American man? Can you imagine what Watson would say if President Obama cheated on his wife and said derogatory remarks about women?

As a Christian for almost 40 years, I learned something from my parents while growing up. Whether it was a Republican or Democrat president in charge, my parents pointed out any wrongdoing.

That showed me that no one is above reproach whether that person is a Democrat or Republican. As a Christian, I still think that it is wrong for evangelical Christians to have voted for Trump and after the election, stay silent when Trump is wrong.

Vincent White


Information, please

To whom does Mr. Robert Davis, president of the Antelope Valley Union High School District report?

His actions do appear to be unbridled and self-serving. Thanks to the observant reporting of an AV Press staff writer, the public is aware of the tax dollar waste by Mr. Davis and his staff.

Perhaps Mr. Warford, AV Press writer, would consider providing information pertaining to the levels of authority over the Antelope Valley High School District.

Keith Stucky


Thumbs down

“The traditionally timeless sport implemented a pitch clock all around major league spring training for the first time Saturday in an attempt to hurry up both pitchers and hitters and keep the modern fan from tuning out the increasingly lengthy games.” (Jimmy Golen AP).

What a crock! I’ve said before, Rob Manfred, commissioner of baseball should be fired.

Last season, average game length was three hours. Five minutes shorter than previous season. Still, he wants it shorter. Part of the game is the drama, the excitement, watching the “duel” between pitcher and batter, in particular, big instance situations. Watch as the camera pans around the stands, fans eat this up. This should not be stopped.

Ask the average baseball fan what they think of this and I believe they would be against it.  

Just about all in the article were against it. What the heck is wrong with Rob Manfred? He should be fired and someone, anyone, with a better understanding of baseball, and the fans, the stadiums, the players, management, all that goes into “America’s pastime” should have that job.

Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer said it best: “As players, it just shouldn’t be in the game. Having a pitch clock, if you have ball-strike implications, that’s messing with the fabric of the game.  There’s no clock in baseball and there’s no clock in baseball for a reason.”  

There you have it. And thumbs down to you Manfred!

God bless America.

Phil Denny


He has a point

Mark Shields, a proud Democrat all his life, wrote an excellent article chastising a great many Democratic politicians for all but executing Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, before the ink dried on the paper.  Shields made it clear that Northam made a big mistake back in 1984 wearing blackface at a college party, and standing next to a man in full KKK regalia. It was as Shields said, “hurtful, offensive and cruel.”

However, there is more to the story of Ralph Northam than wearing blackface. He has, for a long time, belonged to, and attended, a church with a predominantly black membership and as governor, he has gotten the legislature to expand Medicaid to 400,000 low income citizens.

He also, as a pediatric neurologist, volunteered as the medical doctor to a children’s hospice in his state.

In addition, he has gone on a two-week contrition tour of the black neighborhoods of Virginia and has received their understanding and support. When he was elected in 2017, he gained the support and endorsements of every African-American lawmaker in the state.

As Shields points out, Northam is no “plaster saint,” but also does not deserve the nasty, mean-spirited and vindictive attacks by his fellow Democrats.  

We should sit back and allow the voters of Virginia to decide whether or not Northam should continue as governor.

But politicians of both parties are far too concerned with the polls and getting re-elected to do that.

Ralph S. Brax


Keep the lobsters at home

I would love it if American lobster from New England and Canada would be sent to California, instead of to China.

We deserve real lobster. If we didn’t send so much overseas, it would not be so expensive to get lobster in our own country.

Sometimes we need to keep our food here and treat our own people. When you go out to eat, lobster is usually the most expensive thing and it sounds like it doesn’t need to be.

Let’s keep it at home.

Rachel Roach


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