The first House committee's (Judiciary) first hearing is Michael Cohen a rat who was just sentenced to prison for…wait for it…Lying to congress!

Huge problem

AOC, now becoming known as Alexandria Occasional Cortex, has a great (her word) Democrat plan called the Green New Deal. Other Dem presidential candidates are jumping on the ludicrous bandwagon. Consequences, unintended or otherwise, are horrendous.

Banning Natural gas will make my (and your) house heating system obsolete. What will I (you) replace it with and what will that cost? Where does the energy come from?

Let’s see, getting rid of almost all of gasoline and diesel fuel will make everyone take a high speed train (opps, they have diesel powered generators and electric wheel motors) or ships (Bunker oil - not nuclear) instead of airplanes (jet fuel is basically diesel fuel).

Maybe Mazie Hirono and Tulsi Gabbard can conjure up a bill to build modern ultra-hi speed three and four masted sailing ships to carry them back and forth between Hawaii and D.C. Who elected these people?

All the farmers and ranchers could borrow several trillion dollars to convert all their large ag equipment to electric to continue creating food for Americans. The food generation would slow down quite a bit as the equipment has to be recharged.

I doubt any of those large machines could work as hard as they currently do all day long on a single charge. Food production drops by 1/3 to 1/2.

I wonder if AOC will buy a horse to convey herself from home to the hi-speed train station. Do chauffeurs ride horses or will buggies come back? Will the “Beast” (presidential limousine) be drawn by horses like the Budweiser wagon?

I think Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic National Committee have a huge problem or maybe they bought futures in copper (for all the new re-wiring that will be necessary).

Last, but definitely not least, is the estimate by the GAO that the Green New Deal will cost $93 trillion.

Is that estimate as accurate as the initial Jerry Brown hi-speed train estimate?

That cost ended up doubling just as the project is getting started.

I think a lot of people do not understand how much money that is. Trump’s wall was refused funding of only $5 billion. Ninety-three trillion is $93,000 billion.

MAGA DT in 2020 for six more years is assured with this plan by the Dems.

Barry Braman


It’s a good gig if you can get it

Every time the District wants a new bond passed for more money, the article about the cost of the attorney should be printed in the paper, everyday.

He should be terminated immediately and every Board member that voted for that contract should be recalled as soon as possible.

I wish I could find a gig for sleeping and getting paid $400 an hour.

Thomas Horner


Socialism and Communism

The Democrats advocate Socialism, which is akin to Communism.

Alicia Avila


Big business

A frightening story in the Los Angeles Times newspaper, and printed in the AV Press, dated Feb. 22, read that the U.S. Geological Survey predicted a flood of biblical proportions.

This flood could “overwhelm the Whittier Narrows Dam and send 1.5 million people in L.A. scurrying for their lives.”

Years ago, I worked lining a huge section of the San Gabriel River, below the Whitter Narrows Dam in concrete. Even if the dam burst, the flood waters would be channeled straight down this huge concrete channel to Long Beach and the ocean.

It’s no coincidence that this story comes at the right time, especially after all the rain and snow we’ve gotten recently. Scientists and Army Corps of Engineers are now predicting “a rare mega storm” that could be possible because of climate change.

How many times have we heard that any natural disaster and quirky weather phenomenon is caused by climate change? Climate changes every day, folks, but to think we have something to do with it because of man’s carbon imprint is stretching the truth.

Scientists blame hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, ice caps melting and everything else under the sun on climate change. History shows these natural disasters have been going on for eons.

Climate change is big business for the wind and solar people. They stand to make billions of dollars on renewable green energy and if you don’t believe me, just look at our desert that’s scattered with solar and wind farms.

These projects don’t come close to meeting the energy demands this country needs.

There’s nothing like a perceived crisis to stir up fear in people. Those scientists will have their payday and the Army Corps of Engineers will probably get some of the $600 million they want to repair the Whittier Narrows Dam.

Dennis Tope


Federal monkey

If you are wondering what is happening in this country, it can be explained thus.

The intelligentsia reuses to, and does not see the evidences of, the changes for the good and of the positive economic changes since and because of the election of Donald Trump. He has broke up the political system that did exist in this country.

They only see that his election has caused the degradation of the political system, which has failed the majority of the U.S. citizenry in all facets of life.

Our election system has caused the citizenry to believe electing these people was the only way this country could survive.

As proof, we see Nancy Pelosi elected.

We do not need any immigrants til all the children coming out of school can get a job that they can live off the wages.

The media has controlled as much of the history of this country as they believed, that you and I should never question, of their moral superiority.

For instance, we are only told by the media that Ronald Reagan was good for the state of California and then the country.

In truth, Reagan stated California was too large to be governed by a citizen legislature and so he started a paid state congress.

In changing California from a citizen voted and not paid, controlled state congress to a paid state congress and property taxes went sky high, as these people kept voting themselves a raise each term, by raising the taxes. He did the same thing to the Federal Government, taxes doubled in his term.

He was a successful actor, as long as the cast consisted of a monkey.

The taxpayers were the federal monkey to his being great.

Robert Teller


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