Dems back rabid Omar/MShelton_C.20190307

Anti-semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar has Democrats walking on eggshells over addressing her anti-semitism.

Program needs

to be revised

The article by John Stossel, entitled “Welfare for the rich,” was very enlightening.  

However, the sugar industry is not alone in the extra-money-making scheme. Many years ago, I read an article about a famous movie star (now deceased) who received money every year for not growing cotton.  

He purchased land in Arizona and grew cotton for couple of years and then he received money every year from the government to stop growing cotton.  

Since he is not alive to defend himself, I will not mention his name.  

This policy was enacted to prevent a glut, but many rich and famous people use it to make the “rich man richer and the poor man poorer.”

The government definitely needs to revise this program because this money comes from taxes paid mostly by the working people.

Jeanie Stephens


Stop ‘free radicals’

I was over at a health food store the other day, when I came across a product that the label read, “Use would stop free radicals.” If only I had AOC’s address, I would have bought and sent her a bottle.

Robert Teller


Peace in

the Middle East

Guy Marsh has hit the nail on the head with his letter on freedom of speech and Republican policies in the Middle East.  

It has always amazed me that when Americans criticize the decisions of our government they are not called un-American, but when Americans oppose some of the decisions and policies of the Israeli government, they are labeled as being anti-Semitic.

The policies of Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy to refuse to support a Palestinian state and to look the other way when the Israeli government led by Bibi Netanyahu consistently intervene in the occupied territories of Palestine, must be challenged and changed, if we are ever to have peace in the Middle East.

Ralph S. Brax


Vote against the power structure

The ship of state is listing dangerously to the right while the captain is in his quarters watching television and ranting on social media and talking to the four harpies of destruction named Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter and Ingram.  

His crew is at the helm, steering the ship to and fro as they see fit with no sense of direction. As long as they praise him for the great job he is doing, he is satisfied that all is well. He is not asleep at the wheel. He is not even at the wheel.

Meanwhile, the electorate is too engrossed in sense pleasures to notice that the majority of eligible voters do not participate in our democracy. Over 100 million eligible voters did not bother to vote in 2016, hence, the disastrous situation we find ourselves in.

The next election could change everything. All it will take is for all millennials, women, and people of color to vote all the old white men who now have a strangle hold on power, out of office.

Then have all the money but it costs nothing to vote. In one election, they could be tossed into the dust bin of history. I will cast my vote against the power structure. I hope you will join me.

Edwin Womble


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