Silly Jussie

Silly Jussie, tricks are for kids! This was so utterly predictable.  

I picked up the stench of a hoax from the word go, because Jussie Smollett looked too good. One superficial, self-inflicted scratch under his eye.

If it really happened the way Smollett said, he would have looked like Rodney King.

I view what Smollett did as a quadruple hate crime.  

A hate crime against whites, blacks, gays and law enforcement. Smollett is a race-baiter, taking a page from the Tawana Brawley/Al Sharpton playbook.    

He threw us all under the bus and played us for a bunch of saps, apparently to get a boost in pay out of sympathy. The fame just wasn’t enough. Smollett got greedy.  

That’s not even getting to the federal offense of mail fraud and false terroristic threats sending white powder in his fabricated lynch letter.    

But of course, as his lawyers remind us, he is, “afforded the assumption of innocence until proven guilty.”

Yes, now that it’s blowing up in his face, we need to proceed cautiously.

I loved watching Kamala Harris chewing her cud over this.

Now she’s “concerned” for an entirely different reason. Her “friend” may have very well just thrown a wrench in her political aspirations.

Smollett wanted a boost in pay? Wait until he gets invoices from his lawyers and the city of Chicago for the millions spent on this investigation.

Smollett has set the cause of fighting racism and homophobia back by being the little actor who cried wolf.   

The African American Chicago police superintendent summed it up nicely.  

Love that mugshot.  

Mitchell Seyfer


Build it now

Kaiser hospitals are known for getting the highest ratings – five stars. Antelope Valley Kaiser patients deserve a Kaiser hospital and we need it now.

Please join us in a campaign to have a Kaiser hospital built on acreage that Kaiser owns by the medical building on Avenue L.

We are about publicity, which will lead to action.

A Kaiser brief on Wikipedia will help you understand Kaiser’s structure and help you decide where you talents might be most valuable.

We have “Build a Kaiser Hospital NOW!” printed on T-shirts and wear them out and about at least one hour a week. We display the same message on a sign in our windshield whenever we are parked. We also have a sign on a personal shopping cart and on both sides of a large shopping bag. Our strategies will change as time and money allow.

Thanks to all the folks who have been generous with ideas for publicity: social media, picketing, petitions, letter writing, in-person meetings with administrators, knitting caps (Kaiser blue), forming groups with fellow advocates and/or making banners. How might you express your desire for receiving excellent care in our own Kaiser hospital?

It will take all of us in big ways and small ways to get a Kaiser hospital built now.

Frank and

 Sandi Duvall


Think it through

Well, here we go again, as reported in Tuesday’s Valley Press, the Democrat presidential hopefuls are backing reparations for descendants of slaves.

The Civil War ended along with slavery in 1865, and, yes, it took until about 100 years for traces of segregation and state sponsored (in the South by Democrats, by the way) discrimination to be abolished. But to pander to a segment of the population does not make a wrong right.

What about the descendants of the American citizens of Japanese ancestry who were interned, a term FDR used to put Japanese Americans in concentration camps, confiscate their property and money, they never were to fully recover.

This long past any threat by Imperial Japan to the West Coast. It was wholly unconstitutional, but he and his Democrat cronies did it anyway. How about the Irish who suffered discrimination, sweatshop conditions, long hours low pay and the Native Americans who have suffered the most, if reparations for one group is OK, why not for all?

Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, et al., are just doing what they do best, promise everything and deliver nothing. Just think it through.

David Stilwell


Trap shooting

Sunday morning, on a cold and windy day, I did my best to work on gun control, shooting two rounds of trap at Palmdale’s Fin and Feather Club.

Scoring 23 of 25 and 24 of 25. Yes, more work is needed on my part. Barring any interference from the “save the clay pigeons foundation,” I might just get there yet, provided I am allowed to keep my shotgun.

One of our past presidents declared, by decree, that students are children until the age of 25, yet the voting age remains at 18.

With that said, I make this appeal to California’s youth. Hey kids, if I buy you an ice cream cone, will you promise not to outlaw trap shooting?

Jim MacCurdy


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