Winning time?

Ok, we are staying home as directed. The car is full of gas, We have adequate supplies. Our meds are up to date and we feel good. But what to do now?

We have decided to make this time at home together as productive and pleasant as possible. We are not letting little things bother us. Curiously, one irritation has stopped, the robot calls.

First I have about the cleanest sock drawer ever. And I am getting caught up on lots of little chores and projects and will do my taxes. But these items can’t last forever.

So this time will be used by us to: read a few books that I’ve been wanting to read. I even have a list of letters to write. Yes, the snail mail type. We can get mass on line and phone calls to friends and family are more meaningful now.

We haven’t been watching a lot of TV but we are keeping up with the news in the Valley Press and from other sources.

We feel bad for those who have lost their job, even if it is only temporary, and will help as we can, and we plan to get take out food from our favorite restaurant to support them.

This terrible time will pass and life will go on. I think that how we individually and collectively react to things will surely be a measure of our character. This might actually become a winning time for America.

Jim Gardner


Everyone is ‘disobeying’

On Thursday, Gavin Newsome, the governor of California, liberal democrat, former mayor of a crime infested, feces ridden, illegal immigrant, sanctuary city — San Francisco, declared a mandatory “stay at home” order for 40 million Californians.

The next day, there were more people out driving around than I have seen in over a week. Congratulations Gov. Nuisance, your disdain for federal laws, and your “progressive” moves to decriminalize drugs, and other minor crimes, has created a populace, who like you, feel they can obey or disobey whatever laws they want.

Bill Heard


In need of rescue

Today’s Valley Life Shelter Pets (March 20, 2020) showed six potential personal solutions to help in these troubling times. Their names are Sassy, Emelie, Karen, Top Hat, Apple and Macy. They are just some of the adoptable dogs in our Animal Care Centers who are more than ready to give comfort to those who need it. With everything that is going on now with the virus situation, giving a dog a loving, caring home would be a win-win and you would be receiving much more in return.

There are many rescue organizations with countless dogs and cats to help you find the perfect companion to be there for you and with you, no matter what happens. As the saying goes, “Who rescued who?”

Kay Hopkins


Stay aware

Dangerous times. History is rich of examples of over powerful governments and people taking advantage of a real or imagined crisis to take power away from the people for their own ends.

Now we have the latest virus scare, real yes, but you should be a very concerned that the government, county, state can tell you to stay home, not work, that you cannot leave your home without cause and basically suspend your rights with a wave of a pen.

Look to history for examples. American citizens of Japanese ancestry rounded up and placed in “internment” camps without due process when there was no chance that Japan would invade the lower 48 states, this was motivated by racial bigotry and greed.

During hurricane Katrina, firearms were confiscated from lawful citizens only to make them targets for the criminals whose guns were not taken, this property was never returned.

Go back a bit further, 1930s Germany the Reischstag Fire, all rights were suspended and millions died. When your hard fought for rights are taken by a overreaching government you are in danger.

Many flu waves have washed over our shores Swine, Bird, SARS, H1N1 and the yearly variety which according to the CDC kills 12,000 to 79,000 people yearly. If a flu vaccine can be beat this variety why not one for the Coronavirus, are there political motives not to.

If up to 79,000 people die each year from the “regular” flu and no lock-down and only 3,500 deaths worldwide so far, only two reported cases here in the AV. Panic keeps peoples attention, climate change, CO2, ozone, whatever to distract you from thinking for yourself.

Stay aware.

David Stilwell


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