Inquiring minds

Read your front page story about “John Doe” filing a lawsuit to have access to his son, on 2/20/19.

This story has so much more than the reporter did not write, that a reasonable person would have at least, tried.

First, the 14-year-old accuser, now, if alive, is about 28, does she live in the AV? Did the reporter attempt to contact her? Would she agree that John Doe is not guilty of rape? Would she testify to that in court? There are other questions, but these are a start. If she says, on record, that Mr. Doe is not guilty, then and only then, should his conviction be overturned, record erased, cleaned and maybe monetary payment(s) for wrongful incarceration. After all, he did accept plea deal.

If she won’t, is dead, can’t be found, then the law is clear. The school can do a better job of explaining its actions, such as why a psychologist, instead of who the law says, signed the permission letter.

I think it’s because they are tired of a person who won’t go away and thought he might show up, be arrested and voila! Problem gone. I hope I think wrong, but they know the law and sent the letter anyway.

Skip Thacker


They’d be gone

After reading several disturbing reports about the High School Distinct Board, I decided to attend the Feb. 28 meeting, myself.

From the very start of the meeting, it was chaos. The Board President Robert Davis had no control and was very rude to the members of the Board who were asking questions about procedure.

It appears that there are two competing faction on this Board. Davis, Ruffin and Parrell make up the majority faction with Rush and McGrady the minority. They seem to always vote in these two factional groups.

Aside from spending a lot of money on themselves and questionable programs, the Board meetings are no longer friendly and congenial.

By far, the most questionable expenditure was the hiring of another attorney for the Board at $400 per hour.  

Mr Rush, an extremely rude and disagreeable person was loud and obnoxious during the meeting. Seems to me that the longtime District in-house attorney Bridget Cook and the outside law firms that the District has been using for years, is adequate. At one point in the meeting, the two attorneys present were at odds on an issue and had to leave the room to settle it.

Mr. Davis was concerned about the deportment at Board meetings. He wanted eye contact with all Board members and said he had the right to move everyone about to get it. This, too, was questioned.

But during the entire three-hour meeting, Mr. Davis buried his face in his notes and papers and never looked up or at anybody. It should be noted that at the new District office currently being prepared, they will have a opportunity to set up the Board room as they please, so why make an issue now?

I think the voting public has an obligation to keep and eye on this group. They seem very free with the voters’ money and do not seem to have a handle on how to be productive Board members.

I’d vote the majority three out today, if there was an election.

Jim Gardner


Illegal settlements

Senator Diane Feinstein has written that she is concerned with Jared Kushner and his family’s investments in Israel’s illegal settlements in Palestine’s West Bank.

Especially since this so-called “senior counselor” and his wealthy Arab allies are supposed to be bringing peace to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Israel’s criminal Prime Minister, a friend of the Kushner family, may also be involved in these investments in these massive illegal settlements.

Will Brown


America first

As much as I have liked U.S. autos, I will not be buying anymore as long as they keep closing down factories in the U.S. and making their cars in Mexico or any other country.

I would like to see a large group of Americans protesting at their companies head quarters.

Buy American, but only if they are made in the U.S. If a group wants to go here local with signs to protest, I will be with you.

I am not against the dealers selling the cars, only the U.S. auto manufacturers that don’t build in the U.S. If you want to buy a foreign car, that is OK, also. America first, always.

Keith Brooker


Not your friend

Donald Trump kicked off his presidential bid with harsh words for Mexico.

“They are not our friend, believe me,” he said, before disparaging Mexican immigrants. “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Mexicans win Oscars.

Miguel S. Coronado


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