Freedom vs. slavery

I asserted that exposing workers to unsafe working conditions during a pandemic is a quintessential example of the commodification of labor power and human beings’ objectification. In response, Jim Gardner asked, “What on earth does that mean?”

As stated in the letter to which Gardner responded, “(t)o the capitalist, human labor power and human beings themselves are commodities no different from, say, pig iron or electricity.” In other words, capitalists purchase labor power just as they buy paper and other materials for their respective production processes.

Thus, workers are viewed and treated as tools rather than as human beings. They are often replaced by comparable, less expensive means devoid of concern for them and their lives as if they were commodities.

The treatment of workers as commodities is a faultless exemplar of objectification, which means observing and handling as a thing what is not a thing, what is, indeed, a human being.

Gardner: “It is not true that employers treat all labor like commodities.”

Perhaps Mr. Gardner will prove to the readership that capitalists do not purchase human labor power just as they buy, say, oil and other commodities.

Gardener: “Workers in California/America enjoy the highest standard of living in the world...”

According to World Population Review and several other sources, the US ranks 15th globally concerning living standards.

Gardner: “Workers in California/America can work where and for whom they want. (They)can leave a job if it does not suit them.”

Nonetheless, workers are compelled to sell their labor power at a tiny fraction of its actual value to one capitalist or another or face dire consequences, including starvation. Ergo, what Jim Gardner described has nothing to do with freedom, while it has everything to do with wage slavery.

Guy Marsh


Having some issues

Two issues I have regarding the article front page heading ‘Coalition goal: End pacts with LASD’, March 6.

The 2 members of the coalition mentioned in the article, are sorely out of tune with reality of the AV.

First off, as someone who has lived in the AV since 1971, graduated from AVHS in 1976, worked at different businesses, managed a store... have watched all the many changes the AV has undergone over many years, I am more than qualified to say how preposterously out of sync these people are with the actual residents of the Antelope Valley.

This “racism” they speak of, never existed in the AV. We have been a motley crew from way back. People who have worked at EAFB, Lockheed, Site 2, Northrup, Boeing ... and now in that same area, the Kinkysharyo facility from Japan have brought people from all over the world for business, purchasing, manufacturing, training.

To say that removing all law enforcement from the AV will make it safer is ridiculous, laughable at best, sickly dangerous and evil at worst.

They need to become involved and find out what LASD is really like instead of spreading racist lies and disinformation.

My second issue is the local writer of this report the liberal stance this paper has taken in the past year, especially, is not good journalism.

The writer stated traffic stops LASD made in 2019 were ‘unwarranted.’

On what evidence/knowledge does Raymond Garcia have that info?

All traffic stops are unwarranted? Stolen cars, drunk driving? Mis/dis-information.

Rebeka Carr


Editor’s note: As quoted in the story, the information about “unwarranted” stops came from a statement released by the coalition. They, not the reporter, claimed the stops were “unwarranted.”

It’s mandatory

This text is prompted by Ms. Judy Watson’s (3/2/21) article, “Trump is gone and we’re doomed.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, I am compelled to respond to Judy’s subject article, as well as, the article “Nasty fossil fuels”, by Don Dyas, and “In defense of Trump,” by Tomas Russell Horner, all published (3/2/21).

To you three harmful Climate Change non believers. There is a vast abundance of scientific proof and physical evidence that can not be disputed, that if we as a nation do not begin correcting our atmosphere conditions now, our grand children will be attempting to survive on a dying planet. Due to the number of words allowed in a Letters From Readers article, I will refer you to numerous Internet articles.  European, Asian countries and our neighbor Canada, have progressed far ahead of the USA in Climate Change reduction methods.

Yes, with any transitional period, there will be temporary job losses and retaining. An example, is during the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when our USA railroads transitioned from Steam train locomotives to Diesel powered locomotives, there were strikes, job losses, and required re-training. Again, during the late 1970’s and 1980’s, when Big Business established Global Industrialization, a major portion of our factory jobs left our shores, thus our factory workers either re-trained or worked in lower paying jobs.

The Biden administration is providing retraining opportunities for people to earn comfotable living wages in alternate industries. Clean hydrogen fuel will replace harmful fossil fuels. Yes, this is a painful transition, however, mandatory to save our planet.

Gordon V. Jefferson


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