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William Warford just picked up a new ally in his battle against County D. A. George Gascon today, and its a big one. 

If your a Fox news hater. No problem. I’m your fox guy. Today LA County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, was interviewed by Fox and Fiends regarding his opposition to Gascon. He was asked how his fight against Gascon will affect his deputies. 

The Sheriff replied “Were going to keep doing what were doing.” Ainsley Earhart read the Sheriff a letter from Gascon mentioning how a small number of victims would not change the way he operates. 

The Sheriff respond “Gascon and his research on crime are bankrolled by George Soros.” The interview concluded by mentioning a petition being circulated around the County to remove Gascon from office. Stay tuned folks. Looks like a real donnybrook. 

Robert MC Gregor


I see ...

I see Obiden had a live YouTube broadcast the other day. 669 voters out of his 81,000,000 tuned in with baited breath to hear his latest gaff.

So I see the state of California finally may have shown the teachers union enough dollar signs to reopen the public schools. They have finally greased enough palms of the union bosses.

The FBI released a report that the “armed insurrection” at the Capitol on Jan 6 was not armed. Not one firearm was confiscated after the “armed insurrection"

By any police agency at the Capitol.

Steve Brewer


Wasted funds

AV Press article, March 2, reported that the US had spent $7.8 billion on buildings and vehicles in Afghanistan and only $343.2 million worth of them were maintained in good condition. 

The rest were either abandoned or destroyed. That’s billions of dollars wasted on things that presumably Afghanistan neither wanted or needed.

We spent so much money in a foreign country on buildings that were wasted while every state is dealing with complex homelessness issues. The consensus is that the first step needed is stable housing; transitional then to permanent. Measure H (2017) raised the county sales tax by a 1/4-cent generating about $355 million annually for homelessness.

Lancaster, based on 2020 Count Data, has over 4,700 people experiencing homelessness. 

Lancaster has built Kensington Campus — supportive housing for the homeless: 102 one-bedroom furnished units and 156 beds in bridge housing. That number of beds, however, is far less than what is needed. The AV has lots of land. How can this be scaled up to rapidly build more housing? What other strategies could we use? Tiny-house communities have been developed in other states (TX, OR, WA), perhaps the AV could do something similar. What about a gated campground community; with bathrooms/showers, BBQs and firepits, and tents with cots? And maybe the military could lend a hand and start putting up buildings for the homeless, instead of wasting funds on building structures in foreign counties that don’t want or need them.

Sandra Lebo

Quartz Hill

Who ya gonna call?

By all means, let’s get rid of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. We could replace/defund the LASD with the Kind Intervention and Service Squadron (KISS).  

We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, would we?  

100 “unwarranted” stops per day is just plain mean to these law-abiding, innocent people. Why don’t we let these exemplary people do what they want?  Getting stopped is so embarrassing and jail is such a nasty place to be. Not homey at all.  

That person who is squatting in your property, or road-raged/shot you in your car, or assaulted you or your family, or burglarized your house, or shoplifted your store, or beat you into intensive care is just a misunderstood, valuable member of society.  

A patrol car with “KISS” on the door (I’m envisioning big, red lips below “KISS”) would counsel this individual and everything would be ok.

We owe these folks their rights.    

Ask... San Francisco, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Austin things are faring after defunding the police. In a few words, not well, not well at all.

The Coalition is asking for LASD contracts cancellation, civil rights investigations, investigation of a death, and removal of County Counsel by LA County Board of Supervisors. Also, being requested are public-funded daycare, mental health services, and affordable housing.  Not a word is mentioned on how we are going to pay for this. Or…best of all…the alternative to LASD. Is it going to be KISS?

When things go bad…who ya gonna call? KISS?

Yvonne L. Des Lauriers


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