A response

In response to Thomas Russell Horner in the AV Press on 2 Mar 21 concerning voter fraud.

Anyone with half a brain would know the election Boards are of made up of Republicans and Democrats to ensure a fair election. The Liar in Chief was recorded begging the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, (a registered Republican) to find him 11,000 votes.

Raffensperger stated on national TV he voted for the Liar in Chief. He was told there was no voter fraud numerous times during their taped conversation. I thought that was embarrassing for the President of the United States begging for votes. Of course, Trump supporters think this behavior was appropriate.

He didn’t know he was being recorded. He can’t say it was a witch hunt or it was fake news. I was convinced back in 2016 there was massive voter fraud because the Liar in Chief admitted on national TV he grabbed a woman’s crouch and 14 women accuse him of sexual harassment. Can you imagine what would happen if President Obama stated on national TV he grabbed a white woman’s crouch during the campaign?

The GOP set high standards for their presidential candidates. I couldn’t believe he was elected. I was convince there was massive voter fraud. The Liar in Chief appointed a commission headed by VP Pence on massive voter fraud.

I would like the voter fraud supporters to provide the outcome of that commission. The Trump administration filed 61 voter fraud lawsuits in federal court. The cases died due to the Trump administration not providing any credible evidence of voter fraud.

Many of the federal judges reviewing the cases were appointed by Trump. I’m looking forward to hearing from his supporters. When his is mouth moves he lies. Elect a clown expect a circus.

William Collins III


Paying attention

With respect to local columnists I offer these comments. Dennis Anderson writes that Donald Trump labeled media enemy of the people. He said it’s important to trust media again.

I didn’t stop trusting media in 2016. Several years prior I observed soft questions to Democrat candidates, hard ones to Republicans. A Democrat then, admirer of journalism, I paid close attention. Media earns or loses our trust.

He mentioned the Walter Cronkite era. Reporters delivered information then, typically with accreditation. Columnists, commentators opined on all sides of issues. People formed and shared their opinions. America’s freedom was envied (still is). Investigative journalism brought important items to light. Tabloid scoops were considered entertainment.

Today we navigate blurry lines. Fact vs. fake deliveries, sarcasm, rush-to-judgement headlines, anonymous sources, skewed captions, quotes out of context, all in a highly competitive business. Some serious items that should concern voters are not presented.

Long-past bad behavior, real or accused, gets full focus. Corrections, retractions are subtle if they appear at all. While consumers find fact-checking complex, their own words can be fact-checked, even silenced.

William Warford asks why people share political views on Facebook. “When was the last time someone’s opinion changed another person’s mind?” Why does he write a column? Most people don’t have a column. Writing on social media, letters to newspapers lets us vent.

We show support for some, offer food for thought. Back/forths over who’s right/wrong can be tiresome.

People choose whether to engage or not. Interaction is healthy, especially in a year of lockdown, to end who-knows-when.

Not so long ago critical thinking, exchange of ideas was encouraged, from school years through adulthood. I understand the news business is tough. Media professionals are tough. They can regroup, regain trust, revive constructive journalism. Serious readers, viewers are paying attention.

Alice Berryman Cornell


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