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Pro-Capitalism, pro-racism

Vincent White: “Racism can’t be eradicated without a redistribution of political/economic power, but ‘…America isn’t purely capitalist. [It’s] a mixed economy, exhibiting characteristics of capitalism and socialism. Think roads, the postal system, and education...’”

With nearly 100% of America’s means of production privately owned and no amount of it socially owned nor democratically administered, the U.S. exhibits (no) socialist characteristics.

After all, so does Somalia sport roads, a postal system, and schools. But never has that Right-libertarian paradise been called “a mixed economy.”

Per MLK’s “There must be a better distribution of wealth, and maybe America must move toward democratic socialism,” he referenced “democratic socialism.”

But only because of the pernicious notion that Marxism is undemocratic.

In reality, “democratic socialism” is redundant. A democratic society would be a socialist society, and a socialist society would be a democratic society.

Moreover, not only did MLK say “something is wrong with capitalism,” but he also said, without equivocation, “capitalism has outlived its usefulness [to humankind].”  

And that isn’t a belief held by democratic “socialists,” such as AOC and Bernard Sanders, because they are typically pro-capitalist liberals/reformers.

So, King wasn’t referring to a need for more feckless reformism when he called for a better distribution of wealth.

Instead, he effectively called for a complete reordering of society along socialist lines because he understood that capitalism is inherently incapable of purging racism and inequality.

That’s why J. Edgar Hoover called King “the most dangerous man in America” because MLK knew that “You can’t have capitalism without racism.” — Malcolm X.

Vincent White: [W]ould you feel comfortable living in [a socialist] society...?”

Yes, a society where a gigantic schism of wealth and the need to keep workers divided to ensure such disparity wouldn’t exist.

Indeed, to be pro-capitalism is also to be pro-racism.

Guy Marsh


Learning new things

I hope this letter sees ink because it is a ball that I have been grousing with for a while trying to decide how to throw it — but Mr. Art Sirota has intercepted that ball (the old Statue of Liberty play!) and crossed that goal line probably in much finer style. (AVP 3-17-22)  

Debunking the myth — religion makes life better for all people and reminding us how many prodigal clerics have been protected by the church by hiding their sexual sins.   

And I was not aware that Pope Pius XII, whoever he was, was a fan of Hitler. We learn something every day.

Kenneth Nickel


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