Can’t be both

Recently, R.D. Smith responded to my letter. I was taken aback by his comment: “I’ve had long discussions with my Black friends on that subject (pertaining to racism).” It is hard for me to understand how Smith can be friends with Blacks when he wrote that the “Democratic Party must arouse the emotions of the Black communities and keep them on the ‘Victim Plantation’ or lose their support and votes.”

Smith is stating that when Blacks mention treatment due to their race, they are playing the “victim card.” One thing that I can promise Smith is if he mentions those words to Blacks, they will cease having a conversation with him.

The majority of my friends/acquaintances happen to be white. The most meaningful conversations that I had was with moderate Republicans. The majority of conservative Republicans form opinions and write letters instead of determining whether their opinions are factual.

However, many of moderate/conservatives do not like being called racist with their views. If their viewpoints border on a bias, prejudice, or racism, I tell them why. That opens the door to communication.

Smith calls himself an “Originalist” and “Libertarian.” The Libertarian Party, founded in 1971 “…strongly oppose any government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions. What Is The Libertarian Party?, The Libertarian Of Ohio states that they “…condemn systemic racism and violence against people of color.”

According to Wikipedia, originalism means “…that all statements in the constitution must be interpreted based on the original understanding.” However, “…people of color were never included in the founder’s documents, so originalist decisions often ignore their needs and leave their rights unprotected. “Supreme Court Watchers Worry Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘Originalism’ Could Uphold Racist Policies”, USA Today, Oct 2020

How can Smith be both an originalist and Libertarian when they are opposite?

Vincent White


Part II of the response

Trujillo used the conquer and division method by race much like we see being used in America today. True Trujillo was very anti communist and was supported by the US due to Castro’s communist menace in the Caribbean, the US over looked Trujillo’s human rights violations and injustice towards Haitians as well as Dominicans.

My grandfather settled in the Dom. Rep. in 1919. My grandfather who was Puerto Rican was jailed tortured and his tobacco and coffee business was taxed to death. The only reason why he was not killed was due to my grandmother protesting and him not being Dominican born he was released a week later. My grandfather father uncles and aunts were forced to vote for Trujillo a gun point.

In the Dom. Rep. there is no race hate like in America we have a large Melado population. We Dominicans are proud of our rich mixed Hispanic and African roots which is reflected in our food music and culture.

You sir are something else like all typical liberal socialist closet communist suffering from WG you label people racist by mixing facts with hate and ignorance without knowing all the facts.

As they say history is written by the victors who want to control the future masses, the Marxist way. By the way Guy I have Melado mix in my family and I am proud of it. I am Dominican born and a proud American by freedom of choice first.

Miguel Rios


History vs. present time

One of my favorite features in the AV Press is “Today in History.” You can learn a lot just by reading about these past events. I began to wonder how these events could have affected current ones. So, here it goes.

On March 14, 1794, Eli Whitney received a patent for his cotton gin, which revolutionized the South’s cotton industry. Slavery grew by leaps and bounds, thus solidifying the already systemic racism in America. Thanks, Eli.

On the same day in 1990 the Soviet Congress of People’s Deputies held a secret ballot that elected Mikhail Gorbachev as president. Rumors have it that it was a hoax, a fraud, and thousands of ballots were hidden away in boxes. No evidence could be found.

On March 15, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson called for new legislation to guarantee American’s right to vote. The result was the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Today Republicans are doing all they can to suppress the vote, such as eliminating mail-in ballots and early voting. LBJ must be rolling over in his grave.

On March 16, 2004, China declared a victory in its fight against bird flu, saying it “stamped out” all its known cases. Donald Trump would have labeled it a “hoax,” and called it the “Chinese bird.”

On March 18, 1940, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met, which resulted in the Italian dictator agreeing to join Germany’s war against France and Britain. It reminds me of Trump joining with Turkey to kill all the Kurds.

On the same day Putin won re-election in 2018. I wonder if Trump and Roger Stone helped Putie win his election. You know, quid pro quo.

Ralph S. Brax


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