Where are the rules?

President Biden, in one of his discussions of Communist China’s activities. mentioned a philosophical theory he apparently agrees with. It says that when trying to decide if an action is wrong, there is no single rule of right and wrong. 

In other words, everything is right in the right milieu. So, there is not right and wrong and anything anyone does must be held to whatever rules that person agrees with. 

This is an old and long standing argument. Do the Ten Commandments mean anything? Well, perhaps not unless you are a believer in Judaism from a couple thousand years ago. Does the Bill of Rights mean anything? Well, perhaps not unless you are a citizen of the United States some 245 years ago.

 The same can be said, given acceptance of President Biden’s beliefs, of the entire Constitution. Since we are not citizens of the southern states, I wonder if the voting rights act of 1964 and the voting rights act of 1965 have any validity at this time? According to the doctrine espoused by President Biden, and those who agree with him, they very well may not. If nothing is valid beyond its particular time and place, are there any rules at all?

Clyde Dotson


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