‘Nasty fossil fuels’

Billions of dollars spent on the completed portion of the Keystone Pipeline will not be wasted, other than a pricey echo chamber, it will be the world’s most expensive Hobbit freedom tunnel to Canada thanks to Joe Biden. Unemployed pipeliners can sell Hobbit Tshirts to bicyclists along empty highways.

His next venture to eliminate those nasty fossil fuels will be to eliminate air travel so Unicorns can frolic in the clouds without fear.

And you thought he was stupid...let there be no doubt.

Don Dyas


Helping out

The $1.9 trillion proposed as a Coronavirus relief package has been proposed by the democrats to help the community.

There has also been an urge to pass a COVID relief package that is meant to help aid the global distribution of the vaccine and assist global poverty. It is in the United State’s best interest to help other countries that need this assistance to gain them as allies and hopefully gain their business once they’ve come out of poverty a little bit.

Katherine Seleen


Spare us

In the aftermath of the murder of Los Angeles County Sheriff Sgt. Steve Owen, several of this forum’s political reactionaries submitted letters calling for the execution of Owen’s killer. So, too, did these reactionaries demonstrate disdain for those of us who opposed the state-sponsored premeditated murder of Owen’s killer.

Yet, in the nearly 60 days since pro-Trump rioters caused three Capitol Hill police officers’ deaths, not one right-winger has offered sympathy for the deceased officers.

Nor have any of this letter section’s so-called conservatives proffered condemnation of the killers nor sympathy for the officer’s families.

What this demonstrates, aside from their blind allegiance to the former instigator-in-chief Donald Trump, is that reactionaries love the police until they realize they’re the ones being policed. At that point, their white privilege trumps their highly conditional support of “blue lives.”

So, my advice to the Right is; the next time a cop is murdered here in the AV or anywhere else, please spare us your selective outrage. After all, a truncated “concern” for cops is indicative of no concern at all.

Indeed, Blue Lives Matter has nothing to do with supporting law enforcement. It concerns nothing more than this utterly racist message: What matters is supporting police violence against BLM protesters and people of color in general. Short of those components, all considerations are null and void.

In closing, perhaps our local right-wingers could honor the upcoming fifth anniversary of Steve Owen’s death by holding their forked tongues, thereby not further sullying his name.

Guy Marsh


Trump is gone and we’re doomed

Small towns on the southern border, are fuming mad. For the first time in decades the towns people felt safe.

Crime had dropped to an all-time low with Trump’s Wall protecting them. Law and order was strong in their communities. Now they’re bracing for a surge of crimes as illegals, gangs, terrorists, drug and human trafficking’s, not to mention diseases, and unchecked Covid cases, begins again.

In the short time of Biden’s administration he’s proving what a truly great President, Trump was. His first priority was protecting his citizens. Can’t say the same for Biden.

Jobless rate is soaring since he put a ban on the Keystone pipeline, and stopped construction of the wall. It’s not just the construction workers, but hotels, motels, gas stations, stores, and restaurant employee’s that were effected. Is he clueless as to how many good paying jobs were actually lost?

Democrats say, well, just get another job in Green Energy. These are short lived jobs. Once up and running, only a few maintenance jobs left, no security or future there, folks.

Of course they could always get a job on a helicopter, that runs on fossil fuels, spraying a chemical made of fossil fuels, onto a wind turbine that’s made with fossil fuels to defrost them during an ice storm. Imagine, re-charging a few million cars with no power. Now that’s something to think about.

Judy Watson


In defense of Trump

Just reading the headline on the Trump article that spews that Trump lied about the election being stolen. Another smear article by network news.

Anyone with just half a brain, if they saw all the security videos of what went on in the contested states after counters and observers were sent out for the night cannot denie what went on for several hours into the night by 4 people.

Attorneys General illegally changing the law at the last days when it became obvious that Trump was leading by large margins. With most of the people getting their information from the liberal media that 24/7 spout the same misinformation the general public eventually starts to believe it. In America this will be a scandal that will be a blight on our country forever, if these same actions are allowed in the future.

With the culture cancel that the Democrats are all claiming they are going to do. We will not have a free country.

Thomas Russell Horner


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