Some comparisons

In drawing comparisons between dictators communist and socialist they all have one thing in common ... power over people they control.

True Trujillo hated Haitians much like Hitler hated Jews. Ever since the Dominican revolution in gaining its independence Haitians have always wanted to take back the Island. Trujillo ordered mass murder where untold thousands of Haitian men women and children were killed. I’ve been to the massacre river in the border town of Dabahon. Trump has done more for Blacks in America then Obama has in 8 years in office.

In order to hide his misdeeds improve world opinion and raise the Dominican economy Trujillo let Jews escaping Nazi Germany enter the Dom. Rep. Trujillo gave land and let the Jews settle in Sosua. I have been to Sosua many times I donated to the Sosua Jewish Museum. My late friend Zoltan Freidmenn an Auschwitz survivor migrated to Sosua in late 1947, Zoltan would later migrate to New York in 1957. There is still a large Dominican Jewish population there.

During Trujillo’s reign all Dominicans lived in fear of Trujillo’s secret police who would pay Dominicans 50 pesos to provide information about their own neighbors who opposed him, no one was safe, whole families would disappear never to be seen again just for a accusation.

Thousands of Dominicans were jailed tortured and killed in Trujillo’s prisons. Las Mariposas.

Miguel Rios


Thanks, Tyler

Late last December, I was taken by ambulance from Kaiser Urgent Care to AV Hospital Emergency, with the COVID virus and pneumonia. The first two days were a blur, being treated in a private room near emergency. My blood oxygen level on arrival was 46.

I remember seeing a mix of doctors and staff, but then there was Tyler. He said he had driven up from Hollywood and was called when needed, as an aide at the hospital.

Tyler taught me, dramatically, how to sit up and cough, discharge from my lungs. He even provided his own sound effects. Forget him? He might as well have had wings.

So I’m writing to thank Tyler and the entire hospital staff. My personal doctor said I beat the odds. I know why.

Richard Schoengarth


Still not over it

In reply to Mr. Brax on his letter of 3-11-21, “Get over it.”

When you get over it and stop your continued rants on a man who is no longer president, perhaps his supporters will get over it as well.

I cannot recall a single letter from you that was printed, that you sent in, where you discussed any other topic but Trump or those who voted for him, over the last six months.

Before you bad mouth the right, look in the mirror and get over it.

Skip Thacker


Well done

Those who attacked the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, are going to think they “have it made” when they meeting their “maker” and he tells them “well done.”

But I believe they’re going to be very surprised when they reach their “final destination” and discover that those words are actually cooking instructions. “Well done.”

Marty Scepan


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