Can’t cancel greatness

I would like to clear up one thing about labeling someone a “Supremacist,” or “Supreme,” as if it’s a bad thing.    

I think we all strive to be supreme at something. That’s what makes our mark.  That’s our legacy. Without supremacy there is nothing to strive for.

That’s why we have awards. That’s why we have the Olympics. That’s why we recognize brilliance in all forms. That’s why anything matters.  

Some morons in the so-called “woke” community seem to think excellence in any endeavor is now racist.

Which leads me to defend one of the most supreme human composers that has ever lived on Earth, Ludwig Von Beethoven, who just happened to be white.

I am proud to be a sixth generation piano student of Beethoven.

Beethoven taught Carl Czerny. Carl Czerny taught Franz Liszt. Franz Liszt taught Arthur Rubinstein. Arthur Rubinstein taught Rodney Ash. Rodney Ash taught me.

To besmirch Beethoven for his brilliance as a composer, simply because he was white, is the same as trashing Kobe Bryant for his supremacy on the basketball court, simply because he was Black.

To say we should cancel Beethoven because it implies white supremacy is a hypocritical racist joke. Beethoven’s music will never be canceled. You can’t cancel perfection.  

At the time, Beethoven was the people’s composer. He was pushing the envelope like no one else ever had and the people responded.

He was the first composer to start a symphony on a dominant fifth chord. This was unheard of, but Beethoven didn’t care about tradition, he was a pioneer.

It didn’t matter what his critics said, it mattered what the fans said, not unlike the rock bands of today.  

Beethoven was and 200 years later, still is and always will be a rock star.

Mitchell Seyfer


No compassion

The City Of Lancaster (COL) “…has embarked upon a process to understand homelessness and provide solutions that best suit the community.” “City Of Lancaster To Continue To Address Homelessness…” city of, 4/24/2018.

The cost in the first year would be $5,121,431 and ongoing costs of $3,311,080. Homelessness in Lancaster is “…multifaceted and has proven very challenging to ‘solve’… (pg. 1-6) with persons sleeping in the desert… ranging from below freezing to extreme heat waves.” (pg. 1-2) However, “…everyone has a part to play in this – the supervisor, the elected officials of Lancaster & Palmdale… and local residents.” “Editorial: Forget The Shelter In Antelope Valley: Concentrate On Real Housing”, LA Times, 8/10/17.

However, the 28-year-old Lancaster Community Shelter closed because “…last October, Lancaster voters rejected a city property tax that would have paid for a larger homeless shelter.”, 2/25/21.

In an AV Press interview, Parris presented a negative view of the homeless by stating that “…60% of the homeless have criminal backgrounds.” The American Civil Liberties Union report states that the Parris and the City Council’s “…primary response has been to organize… aggressive enforcement designed to city and jail community members for being unhoused and banish them to the high desert… “Banished & Abandoned: Criminalization & Displacement Of Unhoused People In Lancaster, In addition, the LA Sheriff’s Dept. is complicit by “… us[ing] their authority to harass and banish unhoused community members…”  pg. 4. ACLU’s report further states, “Law enforcement officers often banish unhoused people to the high desert outside of city limits, where they are marginalized, abandoned, and quite literally left to die.” (pg. 5)

Lancaster Mayor Parris stated, “…we will do so with thoughtless and passion. The Lancaster Community Homelessness Plan [is] a viable road map to combating homelessness in Lancaster.” How is abandoning them being compassionate?

Vincent White


Missing Ledford

Last week Julie Drake wrote an interesting article on the problems and dissension going on at the Palmdale City Council. The four Council members thought it was about time to take a bit of power away from Mayor Steve Hofbauer on who gets to make appointments to Boards, commissions, and committees. In the past dictator Steve made all these appointments himself.

Mayor Pro Tem, Laura Bettencourt, observed that there was nothing wrong in sharing this important task. She recalled that when Hofbauer got on the Council he pushed hard to take this appointment power away from the mayor, but, surprise, surprise, now that he is the mayor he wants to have all the power.

Bettencourt stated that Hofbauer has “proved that he can’t be trusted.” She pointed out that he works against the Council and “tries to divide us.” Oh how we miss Jim Ledford.

Ralph S. Brax


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