Just wondering why we are still reading about the Katie Hill divorce saga, drama and sex scandal almost two years later when it’s no longer relevant. Don’t you have much more serious issues to report on related to more important characters like the dilemma surrounding Mr. Potato Head and the Dr. Seuss books. Give us a break. 

John Rector

Quartz Hill

A response to a response

Vincent White responded to my letter. Unfortunately, he twisted my words. He paraphrased what I said, and got it wrong.

White states that I said, “…although [he] [is] articulate, [his] letters are ‘at times confusing and labile…’”

In my letter, I stated that White is “very articulate.” I never used the word “although.” And I did not make a statement in regards to his “letters” (plural); I was discussing his specific letter to O’Conner.

White goes on to state that, “How can I be articulate but confusing? That is an oxymoron.” Actually, it is not an oxymoron since the two words were not used in conjunction, the same sentence, or the same paragraph. The answer to his query is in the letter I wrote: “…due to his use of quotation marks.” White jumps back and forth (labile) without quoting properly — so, yes it was confusing as to who was speaking.

He asks questions of which he states no answers are ever given:

“Smith writes that Black conservatives have been writing for decades about problems affecting the Black community, …what have Republicans done?”—The majority of those communities have been controlled by Democrats for years, not Republicans; sometimes, Black Democrats. 

“1. Why are the majority of Republicans still white?” — I don’t know; why is the majority of the Democratic Party still white? 60% white according to the Pew Institute, June, 2020.

“2. Why is the number of white male suicides increasing each year?” — I don’t know. That would take a complex multivariate statistical analysis.

White’s third question is not even a question, but a rhetorical statement; He basically states that Republicans don’t listen to Blacks when they explain how racism affects their lives.

I’ve had long discussions with my Black friends on that subject; but once again, I’m not a Republican.

R.D. Smith


The ‘recovery’ plan

The recently passed American Recovery Plan legislation is hailed by many as great when it is bad legislation for the most part.  

The $1.9T legislation is all borrowed money added to our already outrageous $28T deficit. The funds authorized for individuals is way too generous on the higher income scale and insufficient on the lower income scale. Even if an individual was employed the entire pandemic, they will still qualify with certain limitations.  

A married couple filing joint with two children and income of $150K will receive a check for $5,600 while a single parent with two children and an income of $25K will receive $4,200.  

The new Child Credit is even worse. The same married couple and the same single parent family will both receive $550 a month for 6 months and then a $3,300 tax credit when 2021 taxes are filed. If the same married couple had an income of $400K they will get $333 for 6 months and a $2,000 tax credit when 2021 taxes are filed.  If you think I am wrong, I direct you to  

Why anyone earning $100K or more is eligible for any increased Child Credit is a mystery to me. You do not even need to be a citizen to qualify, only a resident. On death row? No problem you are eligible for the $1,400 stipend. 

In addition to individual considerations the plan bails out union pension funds to the tune of $50B. Federal workers can stay home with their kids and get $1,400 a week for 15 weeks. Schools will get billions that cannot be spent until 2022 and 2023 and the list goes on. I guess the only unknown at this point is how large the fraud will be.

Curtis Redecker


Today’s world

Power today often comes wrapped in claims of suffering. Victimhood is a precursor to dictating to how everyone in society but them must wake up, change their attitudes, become more sensitive and apologetic. 

Victimhood is the soapbox from which the “woke” among us presume to instruct society at large about the right way to think, feel, believe and behave. Dr. Seuss (racist), Pep’ e Le Pew (rapist), book banning, speech codes on schools and college campus; and now Meghan and the Prince living in luxury and adulation are talking to billionaire Oprah about how suppressed they are and how suicidal she has felt because of it. A whole race of people are admonished to wear a collective hair shirt while professing a litany of mea culpa.

In the meantime we have a temporary and manipulated president being hidden and controlled to hide his stress intensified progressive age-related cognizant decline. To deny this is to show the greatest of all human capacities — the capacity for self-delusion.          

This is the world of cancel culture beliefs. Our basic sense of human decency has been warped by political differences. The traditional and proud Democrat party of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy is dying. It is  being replaced by more of the failed ideas of the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson and the tragic divisive eight years of identity politics. We are facing difficult contentious times.

John Manning


For millionaires only

So nice to see our esteemed millionaire congressman Mike Garcia, vote against the American Rescue Act ... continuing the republican lie that it is too big etc etc. 

I seem to remember that the $1.9 trillion tax cut in 2017 wasn’t too big for the republicans, but  of course that was for their millionaire and billionaire buddies, not being a millionaire I got nothing ...

Karen Weston


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