Cops on campus

Cops on campus is a relatively new development in public schools. They were put there because they were needed to protect the kids from violence. The parents demanded it, and the schools did it.

As a retired teacher in the high school district of over 40 years I’ve seen the escalation of violence in schools. Campus supervisors came in the 80’s, cops in the 90’s. As a new teacher at Palmdale HS 1973, I saw some of the rural kids drive to school with a gun rack attached to the back window of their pick up with a rifle in it (cowboy Cadillacs). There never was a problem.

Even though campus security was proven to be a valuable service, it’s now being demonized as the cause.

The members of the “cancel the contract AV” group want to get rid of cops on campus and use public money to care for children, provide mental health and housing. Now how is that going to help the teacher or kids in a classroom? OK, so two kids get in a fist fight in class, kids are injured, the classroom is in chaos and there’s no security people to help. What do they plan to do about that? Administrators and counselors rarely leave their offices. Parent aren’t there to help and the teacher in the classroom is alone with the chaos. 

These do-gooders should be offering teachers help and support. They should be available to help as the teachers need it. Most teachers are well trained and know how the engage kids and foster learning. But one thing I’m am sure of, for teaching and learning to take place, calm and orderliness must prevail in that room. The problem kids and their cell phones need two be controlled or gone.

Jim Gardner


Border issues

Sad news reported on 3-2-21. At least 13 dead in a terrible accident near El Centro, CA.

The SUV involved apparently had only a driver seat and one front passenger seat, the others had been removed to cram as many illegals — yes, they were here illegally — into it as the smugglers could — each one was big money to them. Sadly, many of the dead were children.

We can do something to stop this: First, make it clear that the only way into America is legally, all the southern border must be fenced and patrolled by armed agents and or military. No matter who our president is, he/she must support these plans.

Mexico shares much blame. How? They know who the smugglers, cartel, etc., folk are, where they are and when they operate. Put an end to this. Put up a strong fence, patrol it on your northern border and your southern border. Mexico expects America to do all the work. Not anymore. Mexico: Do your share, stop everyone from trying to leave your country. Do it today. Want to come to America? Visit an embassy in your country, apply, we as Americans must shorten all wait times for who so ever applies.

We must also shorten wait times for those already here — if they want to be Americans, come forward and start the process. If any don’t want to be Americans, put them on the other side of the wall. Perhaps then, folk will do things lawfully.

If any has ideas on how to solve this, open your mouth, just don’t be so wrong as to say “we have no borders.” If that is true to you, let me know where you live. I may want to go camping in your front yard.

Skip Thacker


Death isn’t a hoax

Trump called the pandemic a hoax

Which misled a whole bunch of folks

Who said he hadn’t lied

Then sadly they died

And their loved ones hearts just broke.

Marty Scepan


Suicide not murder

Our president Joe Biden is now issuing $1400.00 stimulus checks to illegal aliens and criminals. For a short time, until we destroy our economy, we can be assured that democrats will continue to be elected to important offices.

As English historian Arnold J. Toynbee opined years ago “civilizations die not from murder but from suicide.”

Vance G. Kirkpatrick

Leona Valley

Charge ‘em double

I suggest that Chinese owned properties and companies in the United States be taxed at double the rate of American owned properties and companies.

Alicia Avila


He’s still lying

This is in response to Mr Jack O’Conner 8 Mar 21 article in the AV Press. 

He asked why are so many still obsessed with the Liar in Chief. We are not obsessed with the Liar in Chief. We are obsessed with his lies. 

The Liar in Chief address CPAC a week ago and he continues to tell the same lies.  Keep in mind, that our adversaries (China, Iran, Russia, and N. Korea) uses his lies as propaganda against democracy. I’m sure they inform their citizens that the Liar in Chief received over 74 million votes and the voters know he is a habitual liar. 

Looking forward to hearing from a Liar in Chief athletic supporters. As I have said in the past when his lips moves he lies.

William A. Collins III


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