Get over it

For the past four years the conservative Valley Press letter writers have constantly reminded us that Donald Trump won the 2016 election and therefore he had the right to do just about anything and everything he wanted to do.

They supported all the executive orders he signed, mostly to overturn the ones that Barack Obama had issued, and his strange actions, such as building a stupid wall between Mexico and the U.S.

Trump critics were told to cease their whining and complaining, and that elections have consequences. I even remember a few writers suggesting that if you disagreed with their hero’s political agenda, you could pack your bags and move to another country.

However, in less than two months as president, Joe Biden has been attacked by these same letter writers, pointing to his signing executive orders, mostly to overturn the ones that Trump ordered, and to berate his Cabinet Secretaries as being too liberal.

I suppose I should mention that these writers ought to stop their whining and complaining, and that elections have consequences. I might add they should get over it, they lost.

Ralph S. Brax



I would like to tell George Jung what Trump supporters are embarrassed by. They are embarrassed by a president that can’t stand in front of the camera and talk to the American people for 15 minutes without a teleprompter and not forget what he’s talking about.

A president that without a teleprompter makes up his own words and talks gibberish.

A president that needs his wife beside him to correct him, and answer questions for him. A president that can’t talk to other world leaders on behalf of the American people so he has to send his vice president to take care of business.

For the last 5 years the left has called Trump every name they could think of. Now you have your own draft dodging, womanizing, plagiarizing, lying, racist, influence peddling idiot in the White House. Talk about him. Or are all those things ok now cause he is a Democrat?

Kenneth Ford

Hi Vista, Calif.

Good program

Excellent article in AVP dated March 8, 2021 titled “Edwards AFB Airman Helps those in Need”. In this day and age of extreme political division, horrific Pandemic related problems and unprecedented increases in essentially all major crimes it was refreshing, to say the least.

We need more people like this lady, Ms. Ybarra, whose personal tragedy was so overcome by her love for mankind that it led her to create a program to help others; others that she did not know, but with whom she can associate due to her own personal, terrible experience. If it is allowed could you print an address to whom those that are so inclined can contribute financially or with time to help this worthwhile program grow? Thank in advance for any consideration to this request.

David R. Wheeler


This week’s thoughts

Tell me how any background check has kept a gun out of a bad person’s hand. If they want a gun bad enough they will find a way to get one and they won’t have to get a background check.

Got a thought for all the hypocrats who want to censor dr. Seuss. If you don’t want your little darlings reading them don’t buy them. I know that this is a foreign thought. You know just thinking for yourself.

I see Obidens handlers are really working hard to keep reporters from answering any questions they know he can’t answer. I got a suggestion why don’t they get the polyester pantsuit queens velvet rope she used when running in 2016 to keep reporters away from her.

We are citizens of this country. Now they want you to have a vaccine verification to fly anywhere. But they don’t require a covid test or vaccine to stroll across our southern border. They even let 150 people loose down in Texas who tested positive. Governor Abbott has sent the Texas national guard to the southern border to stop the cartels from doing their business.

Steven Brewer


Not buying it

Guy Marsh’s favorite pastime is submitting absurd letters to the editor of the AV Press. His latest one, where claims no “right-winger,” has shown sympathy for the dead police officers on Jan 6th. That is a flat-out lie, and he knows it.

Marsh shows his contempt for local readers because he thinks they are stupid to believe the nonsense that he spews. Maybe the on the left of the political spectrum are dumb enough to believe him. For Marsh’s inform conservatives have thoroughly condemned riots on Capitol Hill and consider the individuals who took part should be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Ben Shapiro, Bill’ Reilly, and Laura Ingram among the many conservatives who spoke out against the barbarism that transpired on the “The People House.”

The difference between the right and the left is that the former is genuine about it while the latter pretends to be outraged while exploiting this tragedy like past catastrophes such as 9/11, Hurricane Katerina, and mass shootings for political gain. Marsh does not care about the people that died a month ago; he uses them as partisan pawns.

Marsh claims to offer his advice by instructing conservatives to be silent on the fifth anniversary of Sgt. Steve Owens murder. To do otherwise would sully his name. Marsh has already besmirched the honorable lawman by invoking his name in political discourse in a pathetic attempt to achieve political points.

David Durost


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