Too many grinches

To Ms. Watson, agreed — they should grow up; but there are certain people whose days are ruined if they can find nothing to complain about.  

Or individuals whom they cannot vilify — and so it was just Doctor Seuss’s turn on their chopping block. I remember the many Christmases we watched with our two little girls, as the Grinch found redemption down in Whoville on that fanciful Christmas Eve when he tried to steal Christmas.

But, Doc, I’m here to tell ya there are many new Grinches in town, trying to sabotage what they — like the famous Grinch — cannot understand.

Kenneth Nickel


Unanswered questions

R.D. Smith responded to a letter that I wrote to answer Mr. O’Connor’s question about abortion. Smith states that although I am articulate, my letters are “at times confusing and labile…”

I looked up the word “labile” but could not ascertain as to how that applies. How can I be articulate but confusing? That is an oxymoron. In my almost 29 years of writing to this newspaper, I have received positive and negative comments about my letters.  

Smith states that he considers himself an “Originalist” and “Libertarian, but his views are similar to Republicans. Smith writes:  “…the majority of large Black communities… are horrible (and) have been controlled by Black Democrats for decades…” That is similar to what former President Trump said. However, this is true: “…yet black-majority cities have assets worth building upon, investing in, and fighting for. Black-majority neighborhoods hold $669 billion in owner-occupied housing assets.”  

“The Rise Of Black-Majority Cities,”, Feb 2019. Additionally, Professor Leora Waldner at Troy University studied four majority cities since 1990 and concluded: “…new cities of color, even those with high poverty rates, can thrive.” “Black Cities Ain’t Going Nowhere,”, Feb 2019.

Smith writes that Black conservatives have been writing for decades about problems affecting the Black community, but what have Republicans done? Republicans to this newspaper over the years continue to insert their opinions and act like it is factual.

A Republican strategist stated the Republican Party’s failure to reach out to minority communities. I have yet to receive the following answers to my questions:

1. Why are the majority of Republicans still white? 2. Why is the number of white male suicides increasing each year? 3. When a Black person tries to explain  how racism affects his/her life, why do the majority of Republicans skip the question?

Vincent White


Fire them

So we have teachers through out our country that don’t want to return to work. Specially the LA teachers. I bet if we stop paying them they’ll be back the next morning. The ones that don’t return to work when asked should be fired. Is not like the student will be missing anything from them. Just look at the test scores.

Gerardo Hernandez


A path to the dark side

After reading stories in various news feeds then witnessing in person health officials drunk with power shutting down or threatening small business owners with sometimes erroneous interpretation of evolving COVID rules, I can’t help but imagine a future Nuremberg-like trial where policy enforcers are asked to defend their decidedly wrong and ultimately criminal behaviors.

A healthy social contract depends on tolerance and individual choice; mutual benefits in exchange for costs, obligations, and risks of unintended consequences. Like Stanley Milgram’s famous and often-repeated social psychology experiment demonstrated, a weak moral compass can morph people into agents of destruction simply via willingness to comply with authority figures.

‘Just following orders’ can sometimes be the path to the dark side.

Larry Freudinger


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