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Not safe or sane

I was dismayed to read the front page (June 6, 2019) announcement that the Palmdale City Council is again permitting fireworks to be sold in Palmdale. Every year is the same — legal and illegal — fireworks cause  damage to property and to people. Frightened animals suffer the most trauma, with many runaways filling up local shelters or sadly, never being found.

It’s not just on July 4th but days before and after. It’s a shame that our nation’s birthday is so-called celebrated with disruptive, annoying, loud fireworks. Good luck in finding the source of the law-breakers who can easily acquire illegal fireworks.

I dread seeing these booths go up and am relieved when they all finally disappear. What we have to endure in between is about money and it is a terrible price to pay. Undeniably not safe and definitely not sane.

Kay Hopkins



I hear that the very first time Trump was asked if he was a Russian agent, he quickly replied, “Nyet.”

Marty Scepan


Stirring it up

Why stirring up Iran? Trump is pleasing Rightwing Israel by attempting to create chaos in Iran the way Cheney did in Iraq.

Do you think this is about Trump’s love of the Jewish religion or his and his family’s love of real estate deals in the Occupied West Bank and Golan Heights?

Israel has now allowed tourist hotels to be built there. What if the Germans had built tourist hotels in occupied France?

Will Brown

Canyon Country

Hold on to your hats

It didn’t take long for the Democrats to forget their errors. At the last count there were 22 candidates filed for president. All have filed under the Democrat banner and all seem to have forgotten what happened in 2016.

The Republicans on the other side, cannot seem to get it through their heads that they got a loser. And are going to back up a Constitutional illiterate.

Both parties have forgotten that the founders emphatically proclaimed that to succeed our form of government must be composed of three separate entities. Each entity must have equal powers. This  would result in a check and balance that would control.

The election of 2020 will be very interesting. Hold on to your hats.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

‘Stable genius’

I have known few geniuses in my time. As for “extremely stable” ones, I haven’t met any as far as I know. But now, thanks to our president, I have seen one in action.

I know he’s an “extremely stable genius” because he said so. Out loud. With not a hint of a smile. I laughed until I realized he was serious.

In my limited interactions with people I deem to be geniuses, I have never known one of them to feel the need to proclaim their intellectual superiority. In fact, usually they are so busy doing genius stuff, they couldn’t find the time.

But Donald Trump is not bound by any such constraints as time, diligence or humility. This whole stable genius thing begs the question, what evidence exists beyond the president’s own boasts? Certainly his lofty IQ has been documented. He has spoken repeatedly of his IQ score. Referring to his critics he once said, “I’m much smarter than them. I think I have a much higher IQ.”

So all we need is a certified copy of that score and it’s settled, once and for all. Any bets on that ever happening? I thought not.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

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