A response

 to the ranting

I am writing this after saving the opinion pages from 12-24-2018 to 6-25-2019.

The constant ranting about the democrats writing insulting letters made me decide to see the proof. So here ya go: 96 insults from the Trump supporters, 46 from I assume are Democrats  since they supported their cause.  

From rereading these letters the Trump supporters  seem to feel that insults and degrading of people who didn’t agree with them was how they expressed themselves.

I have listened to Trump and watched him over the years cheat middle class people.  If you took the time to look up how many people lost everything  when he declared his bankruptcies. How banks allowed him to keep his personal finances  while those small companies that supplied his hotels and casinos and did construction were swindled.  

As Skip stated on 2-5-2019, he didn’t care who your choice was, but listen to what comes out of their mouths and read about their past, then you can make an intelligent decision on voting for a person who will do the job they were elected to do.  

I don’t think that letter  meant falling in love with dictators and accepting their statements over  our intelligence.  No one party has all the answers. They take an oath to work on our countries behalf....not holding up bipartisan  agreements to win favor from the president for fear he will go after them.  

If Trump  doesn’t know the constitution, then his party should teach him. He will not become a dictator, no matter how much he adores Putin, Kim Jung Un or the Saudi regime.

To Skip, re-read your 2-5-2019 then your 6-25-2019 letters.

When you don’t know your being conned its because your the mark.

Marlene Koenig



the system

Over 30 million kids are on the national lunch program but only 7.7 million pay for a full price lunch. We taxpayers are helping the parents of these kids raise their children for them.

Of course it would be inhuman not to feed kids, but where are the parents who should be responsible to provide for their own kids? The whole free food program is being scammed.

Lots of families on welfare easily side underneath the 130% poverty level to qualify their kids for free meals. Include those parents that get paid under the table and show little or no income and you’ve got boatloads of eligible kids for freebee meals. Studies done by Fact Check found that only 6.1 million illegal residents living in the U.S. filed a tax return and they too qualify for the food programs.

I find it unconscionable that parents can’t find the money to pay for their siblings breakfasts and lunches. These meal programs have morphed into a monster, costing us taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. We are a generous country but we taxpayers are being royally fleeced.

There are some 4.9 billion lunches served annually in America and with meal programs this large, fraud will occur.

Big Daddy Government should go after these cheaters who are milking free meal programs.

These federal programs need oversight. When parents drop their kids off at school but are driving late model cars and their kids are on the free meal deal, what’s that telling you?

It’s about time to clamp down on this food charade because this good program is being abused.

Dennis Tope


Google it

Reality. It will take about 35-40 days to get from southern border of Mexico to the U.S. border, so during that time, I will bet that the migrants are staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and eating three square meals a day.

So this is to the bleeding heart liberals, I think you should go down there and observe reality. Build the wall, MAGA, with legal citizens.

Illegal immigration cost $115 billion a year. Building a wall cost $50 billion to finish. Cleaning up homeless people $25 billion in a year.

Politicians use common sense when spending money, although common sense doesn’t exist in your head. To confirm the statistics above, all you have to do is Google it.

Lester Miller

Lake Los Angeles

Do they hate

white people?

Here we are, about 30 minutes away from the first Democrat debate (6/26). I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely giddy over the prospect of finding out which candidate hates white people the most.

Dax Agner


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