Hope it was

a hiccup

I certainly hope the typing just had a hiccup while the Tonkin Bay article was being hammered out. It wasn’t the North Koreans that supposedly attacked the American ship. It was claimed to be gun boats belonging to North Vietnam.

Gene Sannes


Editor’s note: For clarification, it was a letter to the editor, not an article, that referred to Tonkin Bay.

The ‘real’ Venezuela

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about Socialist governments and even though I rarely engage in political discussions, I have something to say about Venezuela.

I have a close friend of 40+ years who lives outside of Caracas. Several years ago, before Maduro came into office, my friend had two jobs and was thriving. It was a great life and he enjoyed living it. Many people came to Caracas and tourist dollars were abundant. Now he is living on the equivalent of $30 US and is barely surviving.

I send him $20 a month to survive and it’s more than half of his budget. People are starving as food is distributed at the will of Maduro. Foreign aid is not reaching citizens. He wants to buy a chicken for eggs, but one chicken costs $16 US or half his budget. Every time I send him money for a chicken he has to buy food, instead. I have to send money in a very circuitous way. News is monitored and the people are not allowed to see what is going on in the world. He can access wifi at the city hall in Caracas and it’s very spotty at best. I send him news reports on messenger and he shares them with his friends.

Electricity is shut off without warning and is off for anywhere from a few hours to days. Newborn babies in the NICU die when the power goes off because they are on life sustaining machines. The same for anyone on a respirator or other electric medical equipment.

Many of the people of Venezuela are desperately hoping Guaido comes into power and saves them.

This is my experience with Socialism. Second hand maybe, but from a source that is on the ground over there. Have a nice day. Thank you for listening.

Alice Rice


Same story

The AV Hospital Board last week approved $9 million to lease a modular building to expand the ER.

I told them that it was not necessary and that they could break the lease of a building on campus and use it as an expanded ER.  

The CEO said it was not feasible and cost effective.

The same Board approved another $9 million to have an architectural firm begin plans to design a five story hospital. The total cost of the completion of all plans will be $25 million. I asked the Board if they expand the ER with a modular building, why not build a new hospital with modular buildings (and save hundreds of millions)?

The CEO said that the modular building could be used as a out patient building, but not for an in-patient one. I beg to differ. Look at hospitals in Orange County that look as they are modular buildings.

I have asked the CEO to ask the federal government to help us. They have offered twice. He will not. He wants to submit another bond measure for hundreds of millions to the voters like the one that was rejected last year.

If 70% of the people going to AV hospital ER aren’t emergencies as reported, then why aren’t we creating an urgent care clinic at the hospital, instead of expanding the ER and spending millions in the process?

This is a perfect example of the saying: same old stuff, different day.

Michael Rives


Understanding the swamp situation

Your Sunday June 2, Editorial was a sad commentary on your paper’s understanding of the political and legal situation in the Swamp.

On May 29, 2019, in his final press conference Mueller said: “And as set forth in the report after that investigation, if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

Say what? Mueller is parsing words again and finding the president was not, not guilty. What utter clap trap and for the AV Press to write such an editorial is unforgivable.

Mueller was supposed to determine whether Trump had colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. He concluded there was nothing there. Then Mueller’s team tried to move heaven and earth to prove that Trump had committed some crime, any crime. Yet, after 22 months, highly partisan Mueller team members, $35 million, hundreds of subpoenas and FBI agents investigating, Mueller eventually cited a number of people associated with Trump for crimes not associated with Trump.

He also cited 12 Russian firms but they were presumed innocent until proven guilty. Yet somehow, in all this mess, Trump is guilty of something until proven innocent. Remember that Mueller was in charge of the FBI in Boston and kept a number of innocent people in jail to protect Whitey Bolger, a notorious killer and FBI informant.

Mueller destroyed innocent people. Mueller’s actions remind me of Lavrenty Beria, Stalin’s Head of the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) who famously said: “Show me the man, and I will find the crime.”

I would strongly suggest that you wait until AG Barr and the associated legal investigations are complete before writing your next editorial.

William Guild


Who gets a say?

I see someone is finally noticing that Katie hill is not a moderate Democrat. Well you got what Tom Steyer bought and paid for.

So if I own property in LA county but live in Kern county I don’t have a say so on getting my property taxes raised like prop EE.

Should be you only get to vote on property tax changes if you own property. So I should have a say so even if I don’t live in that county.

Steve Brewer


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