Remember D-Day

Last year I wrote a letter to the AVP lamenting the fact that the 6th of June had passed with virtually no media acknowledgment of the event. It was not printed.

The D-Day landings were the greatest military operation of all time. A proud, proud moment for the nations that took part, and a victory contributed to by everyone involved.

May I share a few memories?

Segments of the Mulberry Harbor afloat in Portland harbor ready to be towed to the beaches. The Juno fuel pipeline sections to be laid across the Channel.

The fleet of ships massed ready for the assault.

Convoys of troops and munitions passing through the village heading for the South coast.

The sky dark with airplanes towing Horsa gliders for the behind-the-lines strike.

The one glider that didn’t make it, crashing down the road, on an empty plot between two houses.

The airplanes carrying the parachute troops.

My real-time memories. I live them and celebrate them every year.

May we all recognize and give thanks for that day.

Neville Bowler


Wake up

A friend of mine recently posted something on Memorial Day suggesting that the best way to honor those who died for America is to be an American worth dying for. I couldn’t agree more.

One of the core activities of an American worth dying for is to be an informed and active participant in all elections. As a poll worker for Los Angeles County, I have learned to come prepared to work local elections with a good book and lots of caffeine because so few people participate in them.

The AV Press coverage on the AVUHSD School Board majority is example 1A of why participation in local elections is so important. Based on the evidence, a recall should be obvious…but why does it even come to that?

An informed, local electorate would be able to screen out candidates who would be prone to abuse their power, glorify themselves, and waste money at the expense of our students, teachers, aging facilities, and growing technological needs. An active electorate would naturally produce better candidates who would bring better ideas and be better leaders. Finally, involved voters often become involved volunteers because they are invested.

If you read the numerous examples of the AVUHSD majority’s abuses with anger, yet did not vote in those local elections, you are complicit in the corruption. Wake up. Register to vote, get informed, participate in all elections, and be the kind of American worth dying for.

Joel Plantinga

Lead pastor

Desert Winds Community Church


How did

that happen?

White evangelicals were responsible for electing President Trump to office. The question is how did evangelicals “…come to support a candidate who had been married three times, cursed from the campaign stump, owned casinos, appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine, and most remarkably, was caught on tape bragging in the most graphic terms about habitually grabbing women’s genitals without their permission?” (“Trump Can’t Reverse The Decline Of White Christian America,” The Atlantic, 4 July 2017).

Four out of ten white evangelical Protestants agreed with the following sentence: “There is almost nothing President Trump could do to lose my approval.” (“White Evangelical Support For Trump Is Still Rock Solid,” The Atlantic, April 2018.)

Although many evangelical leaders supported Trump, Russell Moore of Southern Baptist Convention said “they have tossed aside everything that they previously said they believed in order to embrace and to support the Trump candidacy.” White evangelists supported Trump by agreeing that “…a candidate’s personal immorality has no bearing on his performance in public office.”

However, will Trump’s support come at a price for evangelicals? The future of white evangelicals is telling because they comprise 26% of seniors 65 and older, but only 7% is comprised of Americans under the age of 30. There is a “…growing number of non-white and non-Christian Americans [who are] repulsed by the increasingly nativist, tribal tenor of both conservative white Christianity and conservative white politics.”

Vincent White


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