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Regarding Michael Rivas letter of 6-21, I agree with only one of his statements:

“They the Board propose items on the agenda and they are automatically okayed by the Board, No discussion!”

I have written letters regarding these two words “No discussions.” It is very important on every motion made by a Board member be discussed. It opens input from other members.

No discussion — no proper approval of a motion.

All Boards should be following Robert’s Rules of Order!

Miik Miller


Dissolve the Democratic party

Nancy Pelosi, Minority leader in the House, wants all Confederate statues removed. These are vestiges of the Civil War, KKK, White Supremacy and Slavery.

After the Civil War, the Republican Congress pass the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.

The 14 Amendment made freed slaves citizens of the United States because the Democrats did not recognize them as such.

Even though the former slaves were citizens now, again the Democrats would not allow them to vote. Along came the 15th amendment granting African American men the right vote.

It took three Constitutional Amendment from freeing the slaves to allow the African Americans to vote overcoming the opposition of the Democrats.

While Nancy Pelosi is getting rid of symbols of slavery, KKK and White Supremacy, she should dissolve the Democratic Party for their past egregious actions.

Joseph Orwat


Action, reaction

In reaction to my having quoted Isaac Asimov’s “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’” Janalee Arnold wrote, “If Guy Marsh is not writing his letters to educate the ‘unintellectual’ who is he trying to educate?”

Since it is impossible to attain an understanding of Marxian social science by means other than sources of Marxist literature, I am attempting to educate no one. My targeted audience respecting my Marxist perspectives consists of politically unaffiliated young people and disillusioned liberals rather than right-wingers.

Arnold: “Regarding his referenced quotes, Isaac Asimov is primarily noted for his science fiction writing.” What of it?

The multi-sided genius Isaac Asimov was both a professor of biochemistry and a (hard) science fiction writer (“hard science fiction” promotes scientific accuracy and technical attributes). Scientists the likes of Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan have traditionally used hard science fiction as a means of spurring interest in the hard sciences. Many of Asimov’s nearly 500 books concern the hard sciences.

 Arnold: “In conclusion, Mr. Marsh, we unintellectual, illiterate masses can read, can operate the internet to research the context and authors of your quotes and can discern the limits of your intellectualism.”

I did not state that political reactionaries cannot read. I merely quoted the late Gene Wolfe as having written that anti-intellectualism “is the new illiteracy, the illiteracy of those who can read but don’t.” For intellectual laziness is undoubtedly a hallmark of the Political Right. Too, I do not claim to be an intellectual, nor do not aspire to be an intellectual. I am a revolutionary.

Arnold: “Are you a Scientologist, too?”

No. I am an atheist.

Guy Marsh


Quick question

Oh Ralph, when did you serve?

Gordon Boling


Why are they

 getting rewarded?

So for doing the great job of turning our state into a sanctuary for illegal immigration, high taxes, massive homelessness, collapsing infrastructure and having California the second in the nation highest price for gasoline, our governor is getting a raise of $8,000 per year and legislators and other state elected officials are to receive a 4 percent raise.  

The reasons cited are a state budget surplus and the high cost of living in our state.  

My question? Why are the people who caused the problems in this state getting the reward of a raise instead of using the budget surplus to help with one of the aforementioned issues?  

Or, why not some kind of tax break for the working people who bear the burden of high taxes in paying for all the poor decisions made by these elected officials?  

Working people and retirees are leaving the state in droves. Soon the only ones left to pay taxes for the mess the state government has made will be the politicians the Hollywood crowd and Silicon Valley.

Donna Arvesen



from Arizona

Please remember this very special day: July 1, 2019, plus 6. That’s the day California’s gas tax increases by 6 cents. Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for it.  

As a matter of fact, we moved to Arizona.

I filled the tank today. I paid $2.65 per gallon. You heard it right. I could have saved more if I applied the Fry’s 30-cent a gallon discount but I’ll save that for the Corvette.

Please give my regards to your governor. I think his name is Gavin Newsom. He’s Nancy Pelosi’s nephew.

Stuart A. Cannold

Sierra Vista, Arizona


I was sad and appalled to see that, in the June 23 and June 24 editions of the AV Press, the photo of brave young Officer Tara O’Sullivan was accompanied by the photo of her murderer.  

I request that in the future, you follow the example of respectful news sources, which focus on the victims, and refrain from naming or picturing the perpetrators.

Terrie Buss


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