are necessary

An article in last week’s paper brought up the question of where are the teachers of color?

The school districts in the area recruit teachers from many, many places, as well as being open to applications from everywhere.

The teachers who are hired are dependent upon the candidates applying. If teachers of color are not qualified or do not apply, they certainly cannot be hired.

Palmdale and other AV districts have long sought diversity amongst its staff. Teachers are hired from those who apply.

Rachel Roach


Get a life

It seems to me that the people who throw out all the fancy words in regards to Marxism, capitalism, and socialism, do so because they feel they are superior and more intelligent then the rest of us.

Everything they write is the same old blah, blah, blah, long-winded philosophy.

When someone responds to their letter, they have to explain what they have written in eight to ten paragraphs and it ends up being the same old blah, blah, blah!  Get a life.

Gary Hansen


Mind not changed

Shame on our Congress they are a national disgrace.

Why were almost none of them in attendance listening with concern and respect to the plight of the 9-11 first responders in their plea for further funding to assist them with medical issues.  

Why were they not there doing the jobs that they get paid $174,000 a year plus costly benefits to do?  

Oh, that’s right, they are all far too busy trying to oust our duly elected president rather than working for the benefit of the people they were elected to serve.  

Far too many of this Congress cares nothing about this country or it’s people. Their lengthy tenure has apparently made them forget their responsibility to the people resulting in their becoming self serving persons who have sold out their integrity and patriotism for power and money.  

Yes, let’s not forget that several thousands of dollars a year raise they are voting in for themselves. It is time to clean house.  Vote them out!

Apparently the public plea of the 9-11 attorney along with his shaming of them, prompted Congress members to show up today and pass the bill providing funds for these heroes.  Isn’t it a shame they had to be shamed into action.  My opinion of them still stands.

Donna Arvesen


It’s all about control

As of July first, California will institute registration and a background check of ammunition buyers, another nail in the coffin of freedom.

Will this law like so many ant- gun laws have any impact on crime, it will not. Criminals by definition do not follow the law so laws do not apply to them, they have access to whatever they want and the justice system fails to fully punish the felon in this state, time off for good behavior, coddling illegals, early release due to over crowding etc.

What can the honest citizens look forward to if you want to go target shooting or hunting. A $1 background check that is supposed to only take a few minutes, if you have recently purchased a firearm at your current address otherwise a $19 lengthy background check.

And stand by because you should know Gavin Newsom and the extreme left of the Democrat party in Sacramento can amend this bill to add waiting periods and increase fees at will. They did it with the gas tax they will do it here too.

Newsom DeLeon and their kind just want you controlled not criminals otherwise we would not have sanctuary cities, we would have more prisons and a tougher stance against crime in this state.

Just look at their voting record, very anti-gun and very pro-criminal. The voters of this state were duped by the left, again so you will get what you ask for.

David Stilwell


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