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Waiting for war?

In August of 1964 an incident happened that caused President Johnson to refuse to run for a second term, even if he were nominated.

It was called the Tonkin Bay Incident.

The United States and North Korea were at logger heads about a U.S. ship called the Maddox being in N. Korean waters. N. Korea sent out several torpedo boats and shots were fired. Both parties responded and damages were incurred by both.

Immediately a resolution was passed that allowed President Johnson to commence retaliation without the consent of Congress. The president acted and history authenticates that we were wrong. Many of our youth were sacrificed for nothing.

Without approval of Congress or the Pentagon Present Trump has sent our Navy and our Air Force to the Venezuela area in anticipation of some action against our forces. He has closed the Venezuela Embassy in  Washington D.C. shut off their electricity and water, and arrested attempts  to give the staff foodstuff.

Does this sound familiar?  Is he simply waiting for some incident against our people to start a war?  

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Venezuela explained

Confused about what the heck all this Venezuela stuff is about? Let me explain it: The Venezuelan people elected this Maduro as president. But he’s another South American socialist, so the American and international corporations decided to try to ruin the country to drive him out of office. As they’ve been trying to do to Cuba for over half a century.

And corporate-stooge Trump and his gang picked another unelected corporate stooge to be president of Venezuela, a country with gazillion barrels of oil.

This guy and his cronies then tried to get the people and the army to rebel against Maduro. They even put on a fake TV show pretending they had taken over an airfield in the capital. But the poor people and the army didn’t feel like rebelling for Senor Nobody and Co., so they stayed home. Fake TV show notwithstanding.

This upset the Trump gang, who then decided that they should maybe think about sending the Marines down there, like the good old banana-republic days. And that’s where we are at the moment. Write you Congress rep and let them know how you feel about all this.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

More antics

As the current high school district school board continues their antics, it appears that some of their actions may come back to bite them.

The boards “gang of three” chose a friend of Mr. Davis to do a security analysis of the district, his company’s first customer, and so far he has botched the job and billed for work not performed. The firing of the district’s attorney, Bridget Cook, also was botched as they didn’t follow the law and the rules of procedure.

Seems to me like this “gang of three” doesn’t spend much time planning or researching what they are doing. When called on a procedural error by the student member of the board, Mr. Davis simply had a blank look on his face.

The California School Board’s Association has published general rules for boards across the state. First is they should leave personal issues behind and focus on the business of educating children. Second, they should act with professionalism and dignity. Third, they should maintain open communication with the community they serve.

Each one of the “gang” has violated the spirit of the rules set forth by the school boards association. It is obvious to all that the gang of three has an agenda that they brought with them to the job.   

It’s hard to tell what it is but their actions speak volumes. Ms. Ruffin will not return e-mail messages. Why do they want to spend district money for individual web sites if they will not respond to messages and questions? Ms. Ruffin mentioned that she was holding a town hall meeting. She won’t respond to questions about when and where the meeting is going to be.

With every action these persons on the board reinforce the reasons why they should not be there.

Jim Gardner


‘Black sheep president’

I commend you Mr. President for walking out.

Trump’s been under investigations from the minute he walked into the oval office.

He’s had one arm tied behind his back for the last 2 1/2 years, because of obstruction of the democrat party. They’ve hated him from the get go.

How dare a non politician lead our country, he’s not one of us. He has to be a professional long time politician and he is not.

The black sheep president. Still he managed to accomplish more than any President in history in that short time span.

Democrats found their man, Robert Mueller, their saint and Savior. Democrats stated Republicans must acccept the results of Mueller’s investigation.

Guess what, Democrats are the ones that did not accept the results, they didn’t like the outcome, not in their favor.

Once again they march ahead, ignoring our country, it’s citizens and their responsibility, with more investigations at more expense to us, the tax payer. Please tell me, exactly what has this democratic Congress accomplished? Nothing. They have a goal and one goal only, impeach Trump.

His accomplishments, booming economy and record breaking achievements, mean nothing, he’s a black sheep and must be dealt with. The only crisis in this country are the Democrats.

Judy Watson


Her ‘true colors’

Katie Hill ran as a new sort of moderate Democrat. When she campaigned she emphasized she came from a Republican family; her father was law enforcement; she had guns in her home; she supported Immigration and Customs Enforcement and she would even vote funds for a physical barrier on the border.

Katie Hill gave a speech at Pete Knight’s Veteran Home this Memorial weekend. She reiterated the campaign talking points about her conservative background. When she is in Washington D.C., a very different Katie Hill emerges.

Once elected Hill was pressed by reporters to clarify her campaign statements to fund a border barrier. Katie Hill responded, “The border wall is off the table.”

Katie Hill recently signed a statement that opposes evicting illegal aliens from subsidized public housing. Low income Americans, senior citizens and veterans wait years for public housing while illegal aliens reside in the homes intended for them.

Our so-called moderate democrat congresswoman serves on the House Oversight Committee. Congresswoman Hill claims the Oversight Committee has evidence Trump committed crimes while in office. Yet Hill doesn’t even name the crime, much less show the evidence for the unnamed crime.  

Katie Hill supports Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan. The plan eliminates employer health insurance. It also ends the popular Medicare Advantage plans that seniors rely upon.

Katie Hill endorses Kamala Harris to be her candidate for president. Senator Harris supports gun bans and said Immigration and Customs Enforcement resembles the KKK.

Katie Hill has shown her true colors. The campaign message that Katie Hill is a moderate Democrat, that she continues to peddle, is a sham meant to deceive voters in her district.

Bill Homan


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