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More money

for lawyers

Scott Lee wrote an excellent letter pointing out how the Antelope Valley College Board of Trustees spends your tax dollars.  

In the next three years they are going to pay the Pasadena law firm of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud and Romo $2,000,000. Much of this money will go to conduct contract negotiations with the faculty and classified staff.

This money could be spent to hire more full-time faculty and fund office hours for part-time instructors, both of which can improve student success. A few weeks ago a letter writer criticized me for saying that the Board and college administration place a low priority on the academic needs of students. I guess I was right after all.

Ralph S. Brax


It’s full

Would someone please notify Bill Deaver that the glass is FULL!

Half of it contains water, necessary for life. The upper half contains air, also necessary for life.

Karl Pearcy

Leona Valley

Let’s see those

 tax returns

A recent letter to the editor, from a frequent anti-Trump contributor, proclaims that Nancy Pelosi is way smarter than baby Trump. She must be. She became a multi-millionaire while working for the people.

I am way more interested in seeing the tax returns from career politicians who became millionaires than I am from a millionaire who became president.

Steve Pittinato


Still a ‘witch hunt’

Robert Mueller’s public resignation yesterday as special prosecutor and now is available for the position of democratic impeachment counselor for Congress. It’s really turning into an unending witch hunt.      

Mike McNeil


Stay off the path

I watched them build the California aqueduct. It was going to be a wonderful bike path. Many people went over the edges on both sides and were hurt or killed and sued, of course.

Forgetting that they were the ones who are responsible for their own safety. They then closed it to bike riding and according to the official aqueduct site it is still closed to bike riding.

The writer who wrote about its beauty may be facing a huge, huge fine if they continue riding the aqueduct path. Perhaps there is more recent information than what I found, but I’m staying off of it on my bicycle.

Rachel Roach


The electoral college

The electoral college: Why Nevada and other states are jumping the gun.

We hear the debates, pro-electoral college defenders understand the popular vote argument and the narrative, what I don’t hear is what defines representation the best, the numbers and not the feelings.

There is that old saying, absolute power corrupts absolutely and without the electoral college, it will. The popular vote, the give me your lunch money or we will gang up on you vote, would be in full swing, never again electing a president that represents the uniqueness and wealth of ideas, pursued happiness and self-fulfillment of anyone who dares to live outside the 100 largest counties in the country. Do the numbers matter? Of course they do. Emotions are irrational, numbers, well sometimes.

We’ll start with the popular vote of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The popular vote misrepresents 2,868,519 more voters who backed Hillary.

In reality, it is only 2.2% of voters and the real misrepresentation would be if the will and wants of the state and county were left out of the decision. 50 states sent their representatives to cast their vote for president, 30 states of which won by Donald Trump, 3112 counties in these states, 2622 won by Donald trump, 538 electors following the guidance of their peers 306 casting a vote for Trump. 13.75% of electors would have been ignored, 20% of states with their own needs, ideas and problems would not be heard and last but not least 68.5% of counties would lose their ability to wake up in the morning knowing that they were heard, not left to be controlled by the masses.

The Electoral College represents us all, and represents the pursuit of happiness and liberty no matter where you decide to search for it.

Zachary Bass


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