The real threat

A thank you to the writer who warned me about bikes not being allowed on the aqueduct trail.

I was aware of this controversy and have adjusted my ride over the years to manage this nonsense.  

I’ve been riding up there for over 20 years and it all started after 9/11/2001.  

For the next few years it was terrorism fears that I was potentially going to destroy the water system for Allah.

Yes, me in my Primus tee shirt with surfer Joe hair on my Diamondback Response mountain bike with a 24 oz. water bottle. Look out, America.

Then it was people getting hurt and suing the county/state for not letting them know it was dangerous to ride your bike. So post more signs, “Ride at your own risk.”

The “officials” in those white trucks would occasionally stop me. Some would admit there was absolutely nothing they could do to me, but please don’t ride up there anymore.

One guy pulled up in a van one day and said, “I need to you give me your bike and get in the van. It’s a safety concern.”

I said, “If you try to take my bike, I’ll show you a safety concern.” He just stood there, eyes bulging as I rode by.   

That was over 10 years ago. Since then, I only ride a few miles along the actual aqueduct trail. Most is on the dirt above or below it.      

The biggest threat up  there is dodging dog feces and avoiding being attacked by dogs off leash with complacent owners.

Mitchell Seyfer


He understands

Dewayne Craddock was described as a long-time disgruntled public employee bent on revenge.  

He had no history of criminal behavior.  

I understand how a law abiding citizen who has been wronged could snap and take his revenge.   

Thoughts and prayers.

Eugene Smith

Peoria, Arizona  

‘Ongoing slaughter’

Stephen M. Jenkins: “Polls show that 40% of Americans embrace Socialism.”

But most of that 40% support social democratic/liberal positions that have been passed off as socialism by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernard Sanders. The preponderance of said 40%, including Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders, are not supportive of the social ownership and democratic administration of this society’s means of production; that which would be representative of a socialist society.

Jenkins: “In Marxist theory, Socialism is a transitional social state between the overthrow of Capitalism and the realization of Communism.”

Indeed. But such a statement is often meant to conjure (up) images of the bureaucratic state despotism that defined, say, the former Soviet Union when, in reality, communist society would be both stateless and classless which would stand in sharp contrast to the state capitalist system that was the so-called U.S.S.R.

Jenkins: “Per the Black Book of Communism, published by the Harvard University Press, over a hundred million men, women and children have been exterminated under Marxist socialist regimes in the 20th century.”    

The Black Book has, however, been disproven repeatedly, in fact, Harvard University Press’ Mark Kramer has admitted that it contains fatal mathematical errors, fatal mathematical errors which render it akin to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.   

Nonetheless, and irrespective of how many have died as a result of bureaucratic state despotism, capitalism has slaughtered billions by way of colonialism, massacres of indigenous peoples, fascism, Nazism, U.S. military interventions, etc.

It is an ongoing slaughter, meandering through poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other social factors spawned by class-divided capitalist societies.

Guy Marsh


Simple requirements

The inane hubris of attributing your own thoughts onto others in order to taint them is classically delusional and is a pitiful expression of one’s sense of self-importance.

This tendency is frequently seen in the conversations we all experience in our daily life, and letters to the editor, and we generally disregard the speaker with benign amusement and move on.

Today this behavior has become virtually standard discourse for many on the political left as the irrational hatred for President Trump seems to know no boundaries. Yes, his conduct is frequently awful but by ill-advised extension the Progressive of today also smears those who support his policies, and not his manners, in the same blanket condemnation.

Elizabeth Warren has recently despaired that “Republicans need to come to their senses”; reminiscent of Hillary’s “deplorable and irredeemable” comment. Such widespread insulting arrogance should be deeply concerning but alas it is even encouraged as mandated political discourse.

The Inquisition threatens any candidate with political excommunication if they do not comply.  

Claiming to want a through discussion of political issues does not entitle one to be surprised and outraged when a different point of view is expressed and then attribute nefarious intent to that person, group or organization.

Many today seem to have forgotten that simple requirement of a mature person.

John Manning


In the spotlight

You know you have a bad school board when the LA Times includes an expose in their Sunday newspaper about the Antelope Valley School Board’s efforts to recall three of their five board members.

John B. Smith


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