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They should be worried

Trump’s supporters have nothing to worry about if he’s innocent, so why are they so worried?

Why did they want to cut the investigation short? And why are they pinning all their hopes on the Attorney General Bill Barr, burying the Mueller investigation’s report, so it never sees the light of day? Is it possible that they’re not really interested in finding out the truth, but are only interested in protecting Trump, no matter what? Is it possible their actions speak louder than their words and indicate that they might actually believe that he’s not so innocent, after all?

I believe that Trump’s supporters may have a lot of very good reasons to be worried.

Marty Scepan


Homelessness in California

Your news article in the June 21 Valley Press, told us the number and ethnic breakdown of the homeless people living in the valley.

Frankly I don’t care about their ethnicity, I care about the fact that there are lots of them. I also care about the millions of dollars spent on the homeless that has no effect.

Homelessness is a fact of life in California. As long as the weather is good and they can get everything free, we’ll have them here.     

The  sad fact about life in California is that the cost of housing is out of control. Rent is ridiculous. Buying a house is about out of reach of all but the wealthy and HUD housing has a waiting list a mile long.  

I read yesterday that the new homeless units being built in Los Angeles will each cost about $500,000. My God, I can’t afford that and I am lucky enough to have a retirement and savings.

Those who know, have said that Los Angeles and San Francisco soon will be cities only for the wealthy and the homeless. The wealthy can lock themselves inside their high rise apartments or mansions and the homeless can have the rest of the cities.  

Small mom and pop stores and restaurants are going to leave because their rents are skyrocketing and the homeless are driving them crazy.  The affordable suburbs are getting farther and farther out. And now they too are getting the homeless problem.

What to do? I don’t know but I made a suggestion a few months ago. Why not find an old vacant  big box store, clean it out, open it up, plant trees for shade and fence it off with bathrooms and showers and a place to get some necessities (no booze or cigarettes)? Also, have it supervised 24/7.   

Would the homeless stay there? Would they help keep it clean?

Jim Gardner


Research needed

Alice Rice needs to expand her research for information on the situation in Venezuela. Any objective look will make it obvious that American and European corporations and the Trump administration have destroyed Venezuela’s economy in their ruthless effort to bring down Mauro’s “socialist” government. The suffering they inflict on ordinary people means nothing to oil/gas corporations.

The opinions of a partisan acquaintance in the country is not the same as an objective look at the facts. Would you accept the opinions of a pro-Maduro Venezuelan just because they live there?

Will Brown

Canyon Country

He’s in violation

What world is he living in? It appears that our president is not living in the same one we are.

Our forefathers left their original regime because they did not agree with the established government that they lived in. As a consequence they proceeded to make their own, which took all the best of those that they had left. The results, the United States Constitution. A document that has endured for 231 years.

Our current president now is trying to mutate that Constitution to his satisfaction. His acceptance of political information and money from a foreign government regarding our election process is in direct interference in our form of government.

Anything that affects our election process by a foreign government results in an abridgment. By accepting anything he is in direct violation of Article II Section 4. Treason.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

All the ‘isms’

It is time for Americans to ask the question: “What is Trump’s intent as president” base on his tweets, actions, passing of a tax bill that oerwhelmingly favored the top 1% of this country, and started a trade war that has hurt farmers and cost taxpayers billions to subsidize them.

He’s appointed the incompetent and self-serving individuals to his cabinet who look at their positions as ways to enhance their own bank accounts or personal travel plans. He practices nepotism, cronyism sexism and racism without blinking an eye and has been labeled a pathological liar and draft dodger.

So why is he in office? Simple, we thought it would be exciting, not degrading and an all-out attack on our Constitution, relationships and long articulated values on quality of life.

Michael L. Jenkins

Palmdale and Lancaster

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