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Now ya know

I got a red light camera ticket in the mail. Failure to stop. The problem was, it wasn’t my car, nor my license plate and not me. Due to a typing error, I (and my license) were awarded the ticket. I spent days calling, e-mailing officials and in the end, nobody cared. The officer, I was told, was very busy. Those who didn’t help me: L.A. City departments, L.A. County Sheriff’s traffic department, L.A. city courthouse and many others.

Eventually, I happened upon a web site called highwayrobbery.com. An editor there was nice enough to contact me and told me to call the city councilperson who was in charge of that area and the MTA (I found out it was their camera). City Councilwoman Hilda Solis’ representative was nice enough to contact me, requested my information and then requested some more things.

That evening, I got a call from the company that runs MTA cameras and they said that the officer had (magically) reviewed the documents and found that a mistake had been made. I was going to have to pay (up to) $500 and possibly go to court. Now, I don’t have to do either. Just so if it happens to you, now ya know.

John Sannes


Definition of a father

According to Miriam-Webster, the definition of father is “a man who has begotten a child.”

Jeff Bezos, who is the owner of Amazon, began dating and was engaged in three months. After 25 years of marriage, they divorced due to Mr. Bezos having an affair.  

It is my opinion that a child looks to the example of a father. He obviously did not look at his four children before deciding to ruin his marriage. According to research, it takes a child 10 years to get over a divorce. What advice can he give his children on marriage when he committed an affair?

According to Wikipedia, Jerry Lewis was “…an American comedian, actor, singer, filmmaker and humanitarian, whose career spanned eighty years was nicknamed the “King Of Comedy.”  

He had six children with his first wife. When he died in 2017, Lewis excluded all of his children with his first wife from his will. Joseph, Lewis’ youngest son, recalls his father viciously beaten by their father when they were growing up. When he died due to a heroin overdose, Lewis refused to pay for the funeral. As their father, Lewis should have tried to reconcile with his children before excluding them from his will.

I do not want to be a father in name only. I want to exemplify the example that my late father did in his 59 years of marriage to his high school sweetheart. When I am tempted to do the wrong thing in my marriage, the one thing that I think about is my father’s example. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.

Vincent White


Go figure

Our liberal friends of the tin hat persuasion can’t seem to believe that a person who is not a professional politician could actually beat them at their at their own crooked game.

OK so say socialist Bernie somehow gets elected; who in the government is going to give this guy an unlimited security clearance?

Come on, for Christ sake, he went to Russia for his honeymoon! Whoever gives him a clearance should be fired. I know a lot of guys that were not given a clearance because they found out they had smoked weed as a kid. But they gave one to who knows all sees all and walks on water. Go figure.

Steve Brewer


Get all the facts

The whole point of my letter was that the women in the picture should not be accused of racism before the facts were known.  

There was a great big deal made out it before anyone actually knew the facts. I’m not saying that African-Americans didn’t suffer. I am saying it is wrong to jump to conclusions that someone is a racist and making a big deal out it without finding out the facts.  

It has happened to me. I bought my home during the Rodney King episode. My co-worker accused me of buying a home where no blacks lived, which was totally untrue. And it did not appease her when I said it wasn’t true.

In summary, no one should be declared a racist until all the facts are known.

Jeanie Stephens


Does speaking out make one a fool?

Bill Warford has reminded us of a quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, ”It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

May I suggest that quotation become a permanent banner to the letters to the editor section of the local AV Press.

John Manning



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