‘Kings’ of the world

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth.

They both have no empathy for the homeless, crave as much money as they can put their or any associates’ paws on and think they are masters at mind manipulation of voters.

They don’t care about truth such as Parris making hundreds of thousands of dollars n claiming R. Jennings had killed Michele O’Keefe and being proven wrong, releasing Jennings from prison.

Trump promoted the theory that President Obama was not born in America and even took out a full-page newspaper ad, calling for the five black boys known as the Central Park 5 to be executed. They were later exonerated, but Trump didn’t care.

Despite their flaws, Parris believes he has conquered the Antelope Valley and we are his subjects. Trump foolishly believes he has conquered the world. A day of reckoning is coming.

Michael L. Jenkins

Palmdale and Lancaster

Looking at

both sides

In a couple of weeks we will see the fireworks stands opening again in Palmdale and we will have loads of letters condemning them.

I want to give them equal time, so to speak. The safe and sane fireworks allowed to be sold do not fly, explode, make loud noises, etc. that would frighten pets (unless they are brought to the exhibition) or cause fires and injuries when used with basic common sense. Safe and sane does not mean without risk. Anything that burns has risk but with good supervision can be a fun experience — cookouts, campfires, etc.

The problem fireworks are the ones illegal everywhere in the area. The rockets, firecrackers, cherry bombs, etc. that carry flaming objects through the air and make noises that scare pets and can traumatize Veterans and others with PTSD, are the culprits to blame for 4th of July misery. Add to those the bullets from the guns of fools who don’t understand that they have to come down somewhere. This is where we should be focusing our efforts, stopping the dangerous celebrants, not people who wish to have some reasonably and unobtrusive safe fun.

And for the nonprofits, there are no other fund raising options that can come close to the opportunity these safe and sane fireworks sales offer. For many, this is a deal breaker for their efforts throughout the year in our community.

Glenn Miller


No fooling

According to the Washington Post, as of June 7, 2019, President Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims during his first 869 days in office. Seems to me that his nickname should be President Pinocchio.

The man has no ethics or morals. Therefore, I sure wish one of his many followers could explain to those of on the left, how they can still think of him as the greatest thing since apple pie or sliced bread.

As President Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

George Jung

Antelope Acres

Stop already

Dear witches and bad guys in the Wild West, can you do this sista a solid?

Please inform writers to the opinion section, that the noose stigma at a school with a large population of American children of African descent, is not something that you-all are offend by.

Remind the writers there was no mention of the following ... water dunking, stake burning, horse thieving, cattle rustling, and or bank robbing.

Something that was present that insensitive white supremacist, nationalistic ideology believers, chose to ignore was Black American children.

Not an article showing the accused killers of young Gabriel, yet somehow, a noose was on hand, at a school full of Negroes ... right.

Witches and bad guys, please tell the insensitive yokels, who say and behave like persons who are supportive of racism, to just stop lying and have an honest conversation about racist micro-aggression.

These acts of pretend ignorance are common, repetitive, old, used specifically against, in front of, all around the Black American.

Just own it, or stop already.

Lynde Williams


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