Feel the horns

We are sheep! I am so ashamed of the citizens of this country. A justified protest of a needless killing of a man escalates into riots and burning and shootings and killings. And instead of our political leaders expressing outrage and sending in protection, they encourage this behavior with sympathetic comments of how they feel their pain while they burn down a citizens lifetime accomplishments. And we keep electing these people. What the hell is wrong with us? How, under any circumstances, is this behavior allowed?

And now they tear down statues from the Civil War. Did that war not happen? Did not 100 of thousand of white and black men not die in this war? Were not cities destroyed and citizens killed in this war? Now we are going to forget it ever happened?

And Seattle! These thugs take over a section of the town and the Mayor calls in a “block party.” Are the citizens who actually live there in favor of this occupation? When they call 911, nobody comes. Are they being protected by their government or at the mercy of these thugs? Wake up America, wake up politicians, we sheep are turning to rams and your going to feel our horns in this election.

Thomas Gallagher


No apology

In response to Mr. Neville Bowler, sir you missed the tongue in cheek tone of my letter regarding the Quartz Hill High School Rebel logo the revisionists wish to scrap along with much of our history, the good and the not so good.

By making the Rebel a Patriot of 1776, we were rebels at the time, I sought a low cost and easy fix.

In today’s climate you can’t offend anyone so I thought the only people who might be offended by a Tricorn hat wearing Rebel might be the country we won our freedom from, England. But we have Patriot ball teams and no complaints from across the pond, so lighten up.

David Stilwell


Demonstrators turned victim

The radical political left of today attribute inconsiderate behaviors as due to the effect of capitalism and racism.

In their view these factors drive inequality and therefore all the turmoil and resentments that force on society constant cycles of agitation. Their self-defined models of justice will arrive when “the people,” meaning those who are “woke,” destroy authority, personal property and social class.

The enlightened will then take over and set up a classless society where symbolically the lion will lay down with the lamb and all the evils of society will pass away.

Much talk today is about racist oppressors and hopeless victims. But no group throughout history has been as continually oppressed as the Jewish people starting from the Biblical Exodus. But they remained strong by following the dictates of the Torah and remaining true to fundamental values and family coherence. That consistency is a common basis to all just and stable human societies. We ignore that at our peril.

A fair question to ask is why the ancient societies of Persia and Far East did not endure but Western culture came to dominate the world. The answer is multiple but the role of Judeo-Christian culture that prevailed in the West cannot be dismissed.

Those who are involved in the protests and demonstrations of today are similar to those who were agitating on the streets of France and Russia in 1789 and 1917 respectively.

The turmoil of that time led directly to Napoleon and Lenin/Stalin. Both men despised the people they led with the resultant guillotine and devastating war in Europe and the Gulags of Russia. Many of those naive souls involved in demonstrations of their day ended up as victims. Much the same will occur if we do not learn from history.

John Manning


Law and order

Note that rioting and looting occurred in Democrat-controlled cities and states during the last month.

Minneapolis suffered greatly with rioting and burning touched off by the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, certainly a tragedy. Mayor, city council and police chief are all Democrats, along with the governorship.

New York City, ravaged by riots, also has Democrat mayor and governor. Detroit has Democrats in charge, along with Seattle, Los Angeles, St Louis, Atlanta and Portland, all suffering lootings.

It seems that Democrats are unwilling or unable to protect you and your property; they want to defund the police.

Defeat Democrats in November and get law and order back into our cities.

Sam Kilanowski


No more ‘National Anthem’

The kneeling controversy during the playing of the “National Anthem” at sporting events can easily be solved by one simple act.

Stop playing the “National Anthem” at sporting events. Those kneeling, talking, sitting and walking around say it is not about respect for the flag but to many it is about respect for the flag.

If you must play music to open a sporting event pick a song that represents the sport — my suggestion is “Money”.

Curt Redecker


Staking a claim

I just came up with a idea in getting money never owed to me. Since boys can become girls and visa versa, Shawn King and Colin K. can call them selves Black and since I don’t know of any slaves nor I a slave master.  

I hereby freely declare and call myself Black. Now be sure and send me that check once funding starts from that slave restitution money plus interest.

Miguel Rios


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