Judge, June 29, 2020

Democrats, liberals and socialists, oh my

Our socialist liberal friends say no one is above the law. What about DACA? It was a illegal executive order written by he who knows all sees all and walks on water but seems no one can get rid of it because he was the chosen one?

If the liberals are so set on defunding the police why do they waste their time writing laws that nobody will ever enforce?

Political correctness. The preferred weapon of the left liberal socialist democratic party.

Steve Bing donated over $10,000,000 to the Clinton Global slush fund but he just took a nose dive off the century city bldg wonder why? Suicided? Did he have Epsteins diary?

The spike in under 40 year old covid 19 cases has nothing to do with the “protests” or the burning and vandalism that the little darlings were involved with right?

Steve Brewer


‘Dream society’

Guy Marsh has repeatedly stated that “non-whites” should embrace socialism, as capitalism is systematically oppressive to them.

The truth is, Marsh’s heroes, Marx and Engels, were blatant racists who openly advocated white dominance. In fact, Marx’s views would have fit in well with Hitler’s, degrading Africans, Latinos, Slavs, Jewish and other non-Germanic peoples. He also believed that “North America, the most progressive of countries” would fall into anarchy without slavery.

Don’t take my word. A simple internet search of “the ugly racism of Karl Marx” will take you to an article by Walter Williams (a regular syndicated columnist in this paper) as well as other documentation of both of their racist views.

Letters and other writings by Marx and Engels advocated the expelling or elimination of these lesser peoples. “White” people who mixed bloodlines with these “lesser” peoples were compromising their families futures.

Mr. Marsh, maybe it’s time to accept that the “dream society” you espouse so much was a fantasy of some very flawed individuals and that it is really less realistic or plausible than the religions your like to refer to as superstitions, etc.

Glenn Miller


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What does Guy Marsh receive for selling out his country...? Does he think China will honor its promises?

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