No wait for the wealthy

The recent Presidential Candidate debates gave me pause to remember. I was an Air Force NCO living in England for a number of years and rented a house in a village near Cambridge. Part of my rent money supported the National Health Service, the government run health care system, thus I qualified for the use of the government health benefits.

I had a toothache and called several dentists and the earliest I could get an appointment was two and a half weeks away.

Then after evaluation, any restoration repairs would be scheduled an it would be at least two months after that. I went to the military dental clinic and five days later was pain free again.

A neighbor or mine, a civilian doctor in private practice, told me “if you’re wealthy in the UK, the doctors can see you today.” So, it would be under government run health care in the USA, that many moderately wealthy, upper middle class, all the way to homeless would wait in line for health care. But the very people touting the future of health care for the US are multimillionaires, thus would not wait in line.

Just like the senators and other senior government officials don’t use the same health care system the rest of us do right now. Those very rich individuals, Bernie, Bill etc. would just call their doctor and see them immediately because they are rich and pay. For the rest of us, we’re screwed.

Gene Sannes


Never too old to rock

I love all the old rockers.  

Grace Slick said it looks silly to see old people on a rock ‘n’ roll stage, herself included.

In theory, I agree with her, but in practice, I couldn’t disagree more.

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull said, “You are never too old to rock ‘n’ roll, if you’re too young to die.”

The Who have proven this to me, as I’ve been enjoying their “Farewell Tour” since 1982.  

The Rolling Stones are now down to their critical last three original members.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are both 75 years old.

My favorite member, Charlie Watts, is 78!  

Charlie is one of the most underrated drummers in rock and roll history.

He is also a great man, father and husband. He’s still married to his original wife, Shirley. He never took advantage of groupies.

He’s a classy guy. There is absolutely nothing pretentious about him.  

He’s also critical to the Rolling Stones sound.  

They can get away without Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor and Ron Wood. But they can’t do it without Charlie.

It would be the same as seeing Led Zeppelin without John Bonham on drums. It just wouldn’t work.

Charlie said in an interview that he’d had enough of touring, but Mick and Keith make him feel like a sissy if he doesn’t go along with it.

I wish Bill Warford and his crew the best at their upcoming show in August at the Rose Bowl.

That’s where I saw them in 1994. It was a great show.  

This really could be their last tour, but then again, that’s what they said 25 years ago.

Mitchell Seyfer


A few things

All this talk about this new trick hypersonic rocket. I seen one being built in the 70s in El Segundo. They said the trouble was with the engine, you couldn’t try to light the thing unless it was already going super sonic. That’s mach one or better than 700 mph to you who don’t know.

I see the liberals voted $4.5 billion for the non-existent crisis at our southern border. I thought they said it was all a made up deal.

So according to CBS LA more than 98,000 people moved out of LA county than moved in during the year 2018. U-haul truck rental from Orange county to Phoenix, AZ is $1,465, from Phoenix to Orange county is $101 because you are doing them a favor.

For all our progressive friends, do you really want a government run healthcare system, government that can’t run the trains on time or within budget or the post office that is always in the red and the government still is borrowing million dollars a minute of everyday.

Willy Brown’s girlfriend says that president Trumps economy isn’t working for the working people. This, as compared to he who knows all sees all and walks on water economy that didn’t work for anybody for eight years.

Steve Brewer


Psycho is psycho

In regard to the woman who was arrested for killing her 12-year old son, and (so far) putting her one-year old son in critical condition, both apparently by drowning (or attempted drowning): Since this lunatic had been arrested, convicted and sentenced for trying the same thing with the now-deceased child when this child was one year old, I am curious as to what sort of moron would ever consider a child safe in her custody. Anyone who would try to kill their defenseless one year old child cannot be cured or made whole, period. No amount of therapy or meeting attendance can remove the psychopathic mental processes that foster such an act.

These people need to be put down like rabid dogs. So all of the various drooling idiots that got this woman released from prison, and then got her children put back in her custody should just be real proud of their efforts — they are directly responsible for the death of at least one child.

I seriously doubt that a man convicted of such heinous crimes would ever be accorded the favorable treatment given this woman. Why should a psychopath be given apparently preferential treatment based upon their sex? A psychopath is a psychopath, period.

William C. Wright III


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