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Trump’s values

What a fine day, this Sunday, Father’s Day, June 19, 2019, appears to be.

I am about to go buy my newspaper, the AV Press, which I do daily, when at home, go home and read it.

I expect to find this day’s paper to be the most pages printed since last Sunday. However, even with the extra pages, only 3 or 4 letters, up to all of them, written by the Socialcrats on the left, and if they are like all other leftie letters, bad mouthing and deriding Mr. Trump.

So, without even seeing the letters, I say: I am glad Mr. Trump likes women. You might recall that every other president, except for a very few, also played, had lovers, etc.

No, a huge no, to left Socialcratic folks who still are beating a very dead horse called collusion. Mr. Trump is not guilty.

Yes, a very huge yes, Billary lost. Final answer. Time for you to acknowledge it and move on to the next person that will lose to Mr. Trump in 2020. Huge, very huge hint: It will not be any of the currently announced 24 or so folks because each one of the double dozen is as unelectable as Mr. Trump is unbeatable.

The statement, “How can Evangelical Christians support/vote for Mr. Trump?” was asked/stated in print recently. My layman’s answer: Because he was the only one on the ballot who did not kill four Americans in Benghazi and lie and blame it on a movie, because he did not call those who support his opponent deplorable and other less than nice words. And most importantly for me, he was the one who had more of the values of Christianity than any other person who ran.

Skip Thacker


A matter of survival

“We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die,” our illustrious president tweeted.

He was referring to a retaliatory strike against Iran for allegedly shooting down an American drone. I was shocked that the strike was imminent before the man who was ordering it knew the resulting body count.

Are we supposed to feel relieved or impressed that there was an unacceptable number of casualties at all. Instead, I am overwhelmed with the mere notion that this reality show carnival barker is bestowed with the power to wage war at all.

Am I alone in questioning the qualifications of a man who misspells “sights” (should be “sites”) as he reveals an extremely important bit of information not at a press conference or interview with a respected journalist, but on Twitter?

The frightening scenarios we were warned of when Donald Trump campaigned for president are now a reality. Voting this man out in 2020 is becoming not only politically prudent, but imperative for our survival.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Pay without play

If the Republicans looked into Obama’s birth records as aggressively as the Democrats are looking into the Russian involvement in the presidential election, Obama would not be a president.

Clintons have shutdown the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) due to lack of contributions. Who wants to pay without any play?  

How come Hollywood did not come to their rescue and donate generously?

Joseph Orwat


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