Vote for them

and all your

wildest dreams

will come true

In listening to the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, it appears that they have one thing in common.

If you vote for me, I’m going to give you free medical, free college, reparation and $1,000 a month.

It seems to me they are trying to buy votes with taxpayer money.

Gary Hansen


News: The good

and the bad

So — just when I thought racial issues were getting better and more peaceful at last, I was dismayed to see the front page of my morning Antelope Valley Press, showing an extremely blurry and unidentifiable picture, and the headline “Local teens share racially charged video.”

In my opinion, this was a very poor choice for the top of the front page. To be sure, it must be investigated for its cruel and thoughtless content. The Lancaster Sheriff Station is on it; to be sure, it must be brought to the attention of the administration of  Quartz Hill High School, and they seem to be well aware of it and are in

the process of identifying the students involved. I am certain both the Lancaster Sheriff and the school principal will discipline the juveniles involved.

However, printing a ridiculously unviewable photo and such a headline on the front page does not make any headway in making things more peaceful and cooperative in our Valley. This was awful, but I do not believe it is the norm. As Rodney King famously said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Please try to find some of the good in this Valley to report. I know there are so many good deeds and charitable acts that deserve to be reported.

I am just so sick of promoting all the bad news.

Patty Akkad


Editor’s note: The photo was blurred on purpose.

Brewer’s thoughts

I see that wing nut soros is having to spend more of his ill gotten gains in the European Union than the United states because that pesky nationalism and right wing conservatives are making inroads on his one world order.

By the way editorial editor NBC does not give “unbiased” explanations. So according to Jeff Jacoby we shouldn’t need driver’s licenses just proof of insurance? So that should also mean that you don’t need a pilot’s license or a medical license?

Governor Newsom and his merry band of liberal losers and carpetbaggers gave themselves a 4% raise. Wonder exactly what they accomplished to deserve that.

There was over 40000 unaccompanied illegal minors apprehended this year. The main stream media is whining about some of them having to help care for some of the younger ones.

Why isn’t some of the great defenders of immigrants rights down at the border helping change their diapers. Some of these kids walked hundreds of miles by themselves then they worry about them once they are in custody?

Steve Brewer


Doesn’t anyone

else care?

Before I address Mayor Parris’ recent comments about the homeless, I will give credit where credit is due: The soon-to-open Kensington Campus facility and the Lancaster Community Homelessness Plan, including the Lancaster Homeless Impact Commission, are all steps in the right direction; and yes, citizens have the right to defend themselves from violent crime, and homeless people aren’t above the law.  

But to encourage “hard-working” people — as if there are no working homeless — to break the law by carrying a concealed weapon without a permit — because people with permits get trigger-happy, apparently — on the off-chance they are attacked by a homeless person is egregiously inflammatory. He has singled out some of the most vulnerable among us and made their situation that much worse.

If it was really about stopping crime, the mayor should be encouraging the homeless to arm themselves since they are much more likely to be victims of violent crime than “hard-working” people. I would argue that everyone, “hard-working” or not, has the right to protect themselves.  

And can someone explain why an atheist like me has to be one of the few to point out such obviously immoral behavior and not the pastors, priests and parishioners in Parris’ touted Christian community?

David Dionne


Asking for a friend   

Hey, Democrats, if a million Russians crossed our borders illegally to vote for Trump, would that be okay with you?

Judy Watson


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