Is this ‘winning?’

After fellow Republicans have made it crystal clear that there are no consequences for Donald Trump’s audacious racist rants, he has chosen to ramp up the hateful rhetoric. Unable to cope with anyone disagreeing with his words, ideas or policies, the president set his sites on four Democrat women recently elected to Congress, telling them to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”

All four of these congresswomen are American citizens. All four of them are  women of color. So shallow are Donald Trump’s convictions that he is unable to defend them through debate and discussion. So profound is Donald Trump’s insecurity that he deals with dissension by threatening banishment from the country. It’s “follow me and support me unconditionally, or leave!”

Republicans have revealed their true colors in their failure to condemn Trump’s hateful, racist remarks. They are complicit in his bigotry by that failure. They are in cahoots with Donald Trump characterizing anyone who doesn’t love Trump as not loving America.

At a raucous rally in North Carolina, Trump led the nearly entirely white crowd in a chant of “send her back” as he basked in the crowd’s racist revelry with his nose in the air and a smug smile on his face.

Later, the wobbly-kneed leader of the free world tried to walk back his actions, claiming he disagreed with the crowd’s sentiments and that he had tried to stop it. Reaction to his pathetic attempt to distance himself ranged from skepticism to outright jaw-dropping incredulity.

But, unable to sustain the act for long, Trump finally returned to his authentic self, calling the chanters “true patriots.”

This is what Donald Trump’s America looks like. Tired of winning yet?

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

A losing situation

I recently attended the Littlerock council meeting focused on the high school recall campaign. Representatives from both sides were set to speak. I went with an open mind.

First up was board member Victoria Ruffin. Her presentation didn’t sway me either way. But when she closed with a cartoon implying that White people who didn’t agree with her on race issues were either stupid or evil, I knew she had to go.

Next up were the pro-recall people. It was theirs to lose. And they did.

The three presenters were educators (two teachers and a counselor). Red flag. I suspect the high school teacher union wants to follow in the footsteps of the Palmdale elementary teacher union and load their board with their own candidates.

How did such a move work in the Palmdale district? The Palmdale District now projects a $30-40 million deficit over the next three to four years. And that’s after closing the Guidance Charter School (as it was about to open its new $30 million campus) and grabbing their students.

So what about the recall? Unless something changes, either way we vote it’s a lose/lose proposition. And if you count the kids, its lose/lose/lose proposition.

Dave Markov


Hope it goes away

Well, the Robert Mueller hearings have come and gone. The majority of voters won’t change their minds on Donald Trump and what happened in the 2016 election. Some folks who haven’t paid much attention to the issues may be surprised at how massive the Russian interference in the election was and how much evidence Mueller presented regarding Trump’s efforts to obstruct justice.

The Republicans didn’t want to discuss the report for obvious reasons so they asked Mueller questions they knew he wouldn’t discuss. Democrats pounded home Trump’s desire to block and obstruct Mueller’s investigation, which Mueller didn’t seem eager to talk about.

Mueller became the most agitated and upset when he voiced his concerns about the Russians trying to sabotage our democracy and Trump’s refusal to do much of anything to keep it from happening again next year.

The Democrats will continue to investigate what happened, to go to court to force key witnesses to testify before various House committees, and to get a hold of Trump’s taxes that he refuses to allow the American people to see. Republicans and right-wing independents will continue to hope the issue goes away and that nothing is done to keep Russia from re-electing Trump.

Ralph S. Brax


Maintenance problem

After reading the AV Press 7/28/19 article regarding Joshua Memorial, one would think that the problems started last year.  

To anyone that has used the park for years knows better. The lack of water and poor maintenance problems started several years ago as evidenced by dead shrubbery, small and large trees.  

Several optional sources for water have been available for a number of years but apparently were not exercised. There just does not appear to be any sense of urgency to correct the continuing practically non-existent maintenance problem.

Jim Grover


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