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Trees and fireworks

Great to see that this day’s (July 5) letters of opinion were not hateful toward Democratic, socialistic liberals or Mr. Trump.

While there were only three, each writer was on point with their point.

Wow, earthquake of 6.4 is pretty strong. As of this writing, thankfully no dead. Sadly, plenty of damages in and around Ridgecrest.

It’s always a great idea to plant trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. and the story on Page B1 saying a trillion trees are needed, and they say there is room, what if each person, adults and children, sponsored just three trees a year, to be planted in our state and national forests and plants three others on their own, on property they own, are buying or renting? If only 10% of the population in America could do this, each year, more than 180 million trees would be in ground. Now think if it was worldwide. That one trillion would be a lot faster to reach.

Went to a JetHawks game Wednesday night, 7-3. While they lost, the fireworks show afterward was first class. Great job by Budweiser,  as usual. I don’t drink and am against drinking and driving, Budweiser does a class job with the JetHawks and the fireworks.

Skip Thacker


Illegal immigrants

So let me get this straight: Our liberal friends want to make sure that they count the illegal immigrants on the census so they can represent the illegal immigrants that didn’t elect them. They seem more worried about the illegal immigrants than the citizens that they were elected to represent.

Every time I hear the governor speak I feel my wallet get lighter.

I see Steyer is trying to run. If he wastes all his money on it who is going to buy a second term for Katie?

Steve Brewer


The company you keep

I grew up being told that one is judged by the company one keeps. If that’s true, Americans who love their country have a good reason to be distraught.

We have a man in the White House who chooses to surround himself with human detritus. From Cabinet members who demonstrate their disgracefully corrupt conduct, to friends and family who behave as though they are immune from any consequences, Donald Trump seems to be begging to be judged harshly.  

Most of us have friends or acquaintances with skeletons in their closets. But the sheer number of Trump cronies who have demonstrated disdain for others, particularly women, is breathtaking.

The number of Trumpsters accused of inappropriate behavior with women is staggering. Then there are the interviews with Howard Stern in which Trump boasts of his sexist, superficial regard for women, speaking of them not as people, but rather as objects placed on earth to fulfill his carnal desires.

The pattern made public forces the president to clumsily distance himself from these offensive ones. File footage and print interviews attesting to Trump’s friendly relationships with them doesn’t deter the liar-in-chief from bloviating about how he barely knew them at all.

His video confession to Billy Bush revealed how he views and deals with women, and he is loathe to defend others who choose similar paths and are exposed for the deviants they truly are.

If we are indeed to judge this president by the company he keeps, we are compelled to expose his misogynistic nature and deal with him like the malefactor he is.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

There goes ice

According to AOC, there will not be any more cold drinks. She planning to get rid of ice.

Joseph Orwat


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WRIGHT: LISTEN UP. The crude, lying nare do-wells are dem females with no fracking breeding and corrupt morals, like a bartender who is a joke, a foul mouther joke from congress who cant even pick out a legit cowboy hat ,nor a prejudiced under educated moslem . (I know its spelled wrong. But I have no respect for them so!) I will follow this President regardless of order or request orpretty please hint to the death and WITHOUT QUESTION. The Sec Army is exceptional and I would not follow any dem rep from CA to a billion dollar giveaway if I was Drunk, crazy, blind, epileptic, with a bayonet at my back and under direct thereat of horrible death. Even the congressman who would make a super hostess in a saloon. Id say AIR OFF but it would not be polite. But????

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