Oversight and reform needed

In Sunday’s Valley Press a very interesting article on Katie Hill and the progress she has made in Washington.

A member of House Armed Services Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform (that always gets a laugh).

She has aligned herself with Elizabeth Warren and Elijah Cummings, now there is a pair that could some oversight and reform, but I digress and others in the far left of the Democrat Party.

She advocated in the recent article that we should welcome all refugees and advocates that private entities like the Red Cross run camps for the multitude of undocumented migrants.

Like any Socialist they never think to ask who is going to pay for it. If you come to this country and go through the years of effort and thousands of dollars to become a citizen and want to be an American then welcome.

You have earned the rights fought for since 1776, they should not be given away simply to garner votes.

This country cannot support just anyone who wants to come here without skills or a desire to become an American but just live on welfare.

California will face a crisis if it continues the path it is on. More welfare, build more homes but there is no more water available, as a result higher and higher taxes from the working tax payer to support the non worker.

After July 1, you must be a citizen to buy ammunition in California, you don’t have to provide any ID to vote, we need Oversight and Reform here Katie.

David Stilwell


Inquiring minds

A letter from Bill Bryan was published July 2, 2019 in the AV Press. He had questions about my letter that described how a dozen California democrats, including our congresswoman Katie Hill, sent a letter to HUD that protested removing illegal aliens from public housing.

Mr. Bryan asked if the letter was real. The letter to HUD is dated May 15, 2019. The full text is available online from many sources.

I wrote that their letter stated the HUD rule prohibiting illegal aliens from public housing could affect 2,587 households totaling 11,600 individuals.  The letter from the California democrats also noted  “31% of the total population in HACLA (Housing Authority City of Los Angeles) public housing programs will be negatively impacted.”

Mr. Bryan also wondered what was the purpose of the democrats’ letter to HUD, and he questioned why the AV Press did not print anything about it, if it was true.

The best way to determine why Katie Hill opposes enforcing existing law that prohibits illegal aliens from taking public housing intended for citizens is to ask her directly.  Her answer could determine if you want Katie Hill to continue representing you in congress.

There could be many reasons why the AV Press did not find this issue newsworthy.  However, I would bet the family farm there would be a protracted series of editorials on the matter if the illegal aliens were Russians.

Bill Homan


Pass the Kool-Aid

I certainly hope all of the Valley Press readers had a wonderful Independence Day.

My family had the pleasure of watching our President Trump deliver the “Salute to America” program. Those of you who missed it, missed a wonderfully written and delivered speech about some of the  events of our country’s history and a salute to the men and women who protect us from danger that are members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Marines, Army, and Air Force.

Also saluted were the first responders that also protect us 24/7 such as firefighters, police, sheriffs, highway patrol and correctional officers.

As usual, some of the democratic party’s negative members had nothing good to say about the event and certainly had nothing good to say about our President. They were critical of his speech before it was given. That’s really shameful!

But, it’s really clever of the president as he is living rent free in heads of these democrats as that’s all they can talk about is our President.

Also, during the speech it was raining, but President Trump kept on talking, unassisted by anyone to hold an umbrella for him, unlike President Obama during a speech in the Rose Garden at the Capitol. Go figure!

Democrats, please keep acting like you have been since President Trump was elected. See you in 2020 unless you go down the Cool aide aisle. To be continued...

Tom Walsh


Not so fast

Larry Kissam complains about the roundabout at 15th West and Lancaster Blvd. being to small.   

Judging the roundabout that is still under construction is unfair. Traffic passing through while construction is still in progress is bound to be encumbered, so delay judgment until it is completed.  

Curt Redecker


They’re coming

USA citizen? Keep working and fighting to succeed. The people wanting the fruits of your labor keep coming.   

Ronald Sorensen


Where’s the news?

When a serial rapist is on the loose in the valley committing rapes in consecutive days, and sometime twice in the same day, why is it not making headline news?

The AVP on July 3 listed daily events in the lives of those living in the valley but, sadly the only way we know rapes are occurring is discovering it two or more weeks after the fact in the “Crime Blotter” (June 15-16).

Today alone two rapes were listed on the Blotter: one from Lancaster, one from Palmdale.

Why are these horrible rapes not being reported in the news the day after it happens? It’s not just these rapes that concern us. There have been multiple rapes in the month on the Crime Blotter, yet no news stories.

As a Valley citizen this scares the heck out of me. Whom should girls and women be looking out for? Where are the danger areas? What’s the description of the rapist? Any sketches? What are the police doing? Why hasn’t the Press launched an investigation Where is your crime writer?

Jan Roberts


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