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Follow the asylum laws or fix them

Recognize racism

I am a Black man, a six-year Army veteran, a homeowner, taxpayer and I vote. My life experiences have taught me many things, most importantly to know a racist when I see one.

The president of the United States is, in my opinion, a racist. His attacks on four women of color, all American citizens lawfully elected to represent their districts in Congress, coupled with the silence of certain congressional representatives is reprehensible.

For them to go back to where they come from is easy. One is from New York, one from Minnesota, one from Michigan and one from Massachusetts. Each state is part of our union.

The tactic of punishing children by forcing them to live in cages is eerily similar to the tactics of certain dictators whom this president praises. Separating parents from their children and punishing the children simply because you can is racist.

This man, in my opinion, is totally unfit to occupy the White House. He has no concept of equality, fairness and empathy. He denigrates people of color with impunity. He fails to recognize that our forefathers, including his, came to these shores from somewhere else. Some were voluntary, others were not.

On top of his racist attitudes is his willingness to lie about any topic being discussed, his ego, narcissism and willingness to allow his ill prepared offspring to involve themselves in all aspects of government.

When will people recognize what is obvious and stand up to this man? When will congress do the right thing and send him packing?

I recognize that many will disagree with my opinions. I have the right to my opinions and will continue to speak out against things or people I consider detrimental to the rights gained by blood from 1776 to 2019.

Donald McGee


Same rhetoric

I feel you don’t even believe in anything you write.

You write about all that is against society, because it’s an ego trip for you.

You have no original thoughts, you utilize quotes from books and other sources in all your writings.

Give us a break and let’s hear some original thoughts, you revolutionary.

Gary Hansen


He was elected because ...

In the 15 July 2019 edition of this newspaper, Jim Gardner wrote about a few of President Trump’s achievements and stated that the Democrats “…don’t want to acknowledge his accomplishments and yet cannot point to anything that they have done.”

First, Mr. Gardner has provided insight with his letters when he writes about his experiences as a teacher, now retired. The definition of insight is “the power or act of seeing into a situation.”

However, Mr. Gardner’s insight into President Trump and the Democrats is shortsighted. Donald Trump is not criticized when past letters to this newspaper has criticized former President Obama about his character and economic policies.

When running for office, Trump vowed to reduce the deficit. When Obama left office, the deficit was $666 billion, a reduction from $1 trillion. “How Much Higher Are Trump’s Budget Deficits Than Obama’s, Newsweek, 11 Aug 2018. Since Trump has been in office, the deficit is projected to raise to $1 trillion., 15 July 2019.

Gardner chooses to not remember National Republic, who for the first time in its 126-year history, did not support a Republican candidate when Trump was running: “In a nation with an increasingly diverse population, Trump offers a recipe for permanent civil discord. In a global economy, he offers protectionism and a false promise to bring back jobs that no longer exist. America needs to look ahead and build a new era of prosperity for the working class. “Arizona Republic Backs First Democrat,” 27 Sep 2016.

Obama was blamed for dividing this nation. Why is Gardner unconcerned about a number of hate groups supporting President Trump? A lot of Trump’s supporters happened to be Christians. God allowed Trump to be president to expose the divisions in the U.S. regarding race.

Vincent White


He gets things done

I thank and appreciate all letter writers Tuesday July 16th for your interesting contributions.  

Your letters were very interesting and informative. Thank you Steven Brewer, Ed Galindo, Patty Akkad, Ralph S. Brax and Joseph Orwat. I especially want to thank Skip Thacker for encouraging readers to respond to letters objectively. Your letter reflectively and expressively echoes my own.

I also support President Donald J. Trump’s accomplishments and progress. However his words and actions sometimes confuse me. He seems to have a special talent for getting things done. Just think how much more he could accomplish with a little help from the opposition party.  Make America Great Again. 

                                                                                                                   The Valley Press seems to suppress readers from responding to letter writers. I believe the change of ownership and management are responsible. My favorite section of the Valley Press has always been the Opinion pages and ‘Letters from Readers.’ Discontinuation of the Have Your Say question of the week often prompted my response. Reducing the editorial section to only one page was very disappointing and not helpful for my interest and contributions.

Whenever I write a letter to Valley Press, readers I look forward to a response from readers. I always prefer a positive response. I also welcome the negative responses. If readers do not respond. I feel my letters are not interesting or appreciated. If you agree or disagree with my opinion, please respond. I am capable of changing my mind and view-point once in awhile if readers respectively question my objective.

I would  like the Valley Press to provide a section where readers can respond to letter writers with personal opinions, positive or negative.  Please try to keep it civil, without name calling.                                                                               

Richard S. Baltzley


A president is ...

The Office of the President of the United States carries with it an implicit dignity: and it is expected that the holder of the office exercise a certain sober maturity; that he is above political or personal pettiness.

He should hold dear the primary duty to unite the nation and not intentionally divide it; to promote the growth and well-being of all, and not just a select few.

He must not only understand, but abide by, the Constitution: that he is neither the law nor above it; that separation of powers and checks upon his powers are important and intrinsic aspects of the Constitution.

He must understand and accept that a free press is paramount to our democracy; that transparency in government is as well; and that scrutiny, criticism and debate should be celebrated and not vilified as a purported enemy of the people.

He should recognize that the world is interdependent: he should preserve strong alliances with our foreign partners and not alienate them; lessen tensions with our adversaries and not antagonize or kowtow to them; that no nation can claim unjust primacy over all; cooperation and compromise, not unilateral bullying, is best for all.

To be president, one must be selfless, and be a good citizen.

Above all, he should be presidential, and conduct himself with the comport of a nation’s leader.

Never before has the dignity of the presidency — and thus the United States — been taken so capriciously low. Respect is earned, not bestowed, and any previously earned through earnest effort has been frivolously lost.

We have no one but ourselves to blame: as long as the electorate continues to vote against their own and the nation’s best interests, we will get not the leaders we need; the leaders we get we deserve.

Dan Younker

Quartz Hill

A trip down Memory Lane

Would you join me in a trek down memory lane back to Sunday evening, July 20, 1969?  

In the late ‘60s, Avenue I was a two-lane road west of 20th Street West. As were avenues: J, K, L and M. 30th West still had many unimproved patches of bare dirt. The Valley was readjusting to the opening of the Antelope Freeway to “down below.”

Major AM radio stations included KAVL, KBVM, KUTY and KDOL. Of the four, KAVL was “THE” default news station for the Antelope Valley. If something “happened,” radio dials spun over to 610.

Apollo had landed on the Lunar surface. The world was waiting for Neil Armstrong’s “small step.” On that warm July night, the sun low in the western sky.  

Finally, Neil’s left leg was poised just above the moons surface. KAVL board operator (DJ Charlie Sparks) was on duty that night. As history was being made on the Moon, an emotional moment was created here at home.  

Charlie played “America the Beautiful” softly in the background during that small leap for mankind. Thank you Charlie! It’s been 50 years, and I still recall your personal touch. Amazing how the good Lord has shed his grace on America.

Delayed appreciation to the Whit, Ron and Jim Carter families for making KAVL a possibility, among other things.


John Isles


Were they ‘dreamers?’

I couldn’t help but wander how many of those gangsters rounded up by the FBI were protected by Sheriff sanctuary in the past?

To think that they don’t have extensive rap sheets even at their young age would be implausible. I guess they would be considered “dreamers” if they came as young men or children. More like nightmares in reality.

This is what a blanket sanctuary policy begets, known criminals being snuck out the back door of the county jails to avoid deportation only to commit more heinous criminal acts. I believe the LASD needs to answer how the sanctuary policy is protecting the run of the mill taxpayer in this county he’s sworn to protect?

The one thing I am glad of is the resuming of the checkpoints here in the AV. Maybe we can get a few more unlicensed/uninsured drivers off our roads.

Jeffrey Cushanick

Quartz Hill

No reunion

You know you are getting old when there is no one left for a reunion — from your high school’s graduation class!   

Jim Brock


Playtime is over

A number of the millennials of today who are protesting in a variety of venues have grown up wherein everybody gets a participation trophy and everybody gets first place; then they graduated into the real world.

They now seek a safe shelter; playtime is over and they want mom and dad in the guise of government to bring them back into the womb they are now out of.

The central truth they now have to deal with is that humanity is ultimately a sociable people comprised of individuals that may be out of character from themselves.

A given group of frightened similar thinkers when faced with worry, both fear and anger may pass from individuals to a another crowd that thinks different from them.

They suffer from the mass delusion that whole categories of their fellow beings are hostile and unwelcoming. They see others as monstrous, immoral, ignorant, living in denial and are bent on their personal destruction. Therefore the annihilation, politically or in actuality, of such whole classes of people become justifiable by virtually any means. The Holocaust, Gulags, concentration camps, real not phony, pogroms and ethnic cleanings have dotted history as a result.

The four new congresswomen now plaguing the party of FDR and JFK is not changing the direction of their party but only accelerating the change it has been undergoing since the start of the previous administration.

How history will judge President Obama will not be seen until St. Hillary has been relegated to the crash in history she deserves and Obama no longer walks on water but the portent of “The Squad” should be concerning to them.   

John Manning


Could it be ... Satan?

The Left in this country are at the beck and call of their Satanic Majesty. Who else would have so much hatred for mankind but Satan, to want babies murdered in the womb, and want to ignore the ever increasing human trafficking for the sex and slave trades?

President Trump is trying to heal this country and the Demonic Left hates him for it.  The new leaders of the Democrat party: The Socialist Queens Undermining American Dreams (The SQUAD) spew hatred for most everything American, and all the Democratically controlled House can do is fish for dirt on Trump. The Russian collusion Hoax was so ridiculous; lets look at what damage Russia did to the US, if they really were trying to get Trump elected:  Secure US borders; a modernized rebuilt US military, US energy independence, a US manufacturing revival and a more secure US national infrastructure; how ruthless.  

I hope that we continue to make America great again. I pray that the Secret Service is able to protect our President from the evil that would seek his demise.

Stephen M. Jenkins


Bipartisanship for the almighty dollar

Is bipartisanship dead? I really can’t say for sure, but earlier this year, I was happy to hear that congress was going to work on an infrastructure bill.

About time somebody worked on the roads, I said. Then suddenly, bam! Quicker than you can say Mustang Sally, Nancy Pelosi said the president should be in jail and Uncle Sam hit a speed bump. Ouch! Is everybody aright?

Hope you didn’t get whiplash. Oh well, in case you haven’t heard, Washington is dysfunctional anyway. But that’s no reason to brood. Look on the bright side.

While waiting to get he wheels realigned, at the tire store, we can have a nice chat about the green new deal. Wouldn’t that be grand? But seriously, I was looking for evidence of bipartisanship and by golly, I was determined to find it.

Then about month later, in a stunning several of ideological partisanship, I read that congress voted to work together. But about the third paragraph into the story, I discovered their kumbaya moment was based on the alight dollar.

Apparently they don’t like their annual salary of $174,000 and voted to give themselves a $4,500 raise. I found evidence of bipartisanship; but I didn’t mean bipartisanship based on selfishness. Interesting, isn’t it? A congress that favors itself over the public. What else is new?

Anyway, hope is a funny thing, just ask the clippers. In that same article, I found a ray of sunshine.

When asked about the raises Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), said, “I think the American people would think congress should earn it first.” Bravo Senator. After hearing the Senator, my hopes were turbocharged. I went to the computer and googled Congress.

Combined, both houses have a total of 535 members. Sounds like a rocky road to me.

Robert McGregor


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