Liberal minds

at work

A week ago, it was interesting to read in the Antelope Valley Press, front page, the statistics of students either suspended or expelled from local schools.

The percentages mirror the statistics of adults most often caught in crimes. Not to say students will end up this way, but there are some correlations to the math and race content.

This is an objective comparison. Also, have you noticed you water bill going up? They still use tiers. I was informed some time ago, that the tier system was removed because the governor declared the drought over with. What happened?

I tried to find out who the shareholders of LADWP were, but it is closed to the public. This is a public owned company. Just curious to find out who they are. Many are overseas investors. Just like the oil refineries, most of the owners are foreign companies or investors outside of California.

Makes one wonder what else lurks behind closed doors. I think California should also put a one year limit on EBT Cards, thus making the recipients work for a change.

Too many healthy adults, many of whom are in their 20s and 30s, and some overweight. Just an observation, I’m sure many readers have made similar observations for the past several years.

In California, some of you may have noticed the loss of the middle class, thus leaving a systematic state of just lower class and upper class citizens. Liberal minds at work. No conspiracy?

John Elkins


Joshua Memorial Park needs help

This place has a picture in their ad of a nice green well taken care of place. This picture needs to be taken down this place is a total mess and the company that owns this should be sued big time. They claim the well ran dry and they can’t get it OK’d to drill a new well. Well that’s their problem not the problem of all these people that have their loved ones buried here.

They all had contracts that this place would always be well maintained. The city of Lancaster has city water piped out in front of this place, in fact this place is using that very water for their restroom and their office. But they say hooking up to this water cost to much.

That is this cemetery problem not ours, if it cost to much they have to pay that price until they get the well worked out if they ever do. They should pay to pipe the city water over to the line the well is tied to and start watering this cemetery.

Its total disgraceful to what they are doing to our loved ones graves. I even heard they were taking a water truck in some places and driving over grave stones and have even broken some. This company owns cemeteries across America they have all kinds of money.

Its time the people that have loved ones here get together for a class action lawsuit. Its time this company up holds their agreement and keep this place well watered and maintain per the contracts they sign when people purchased the grave sites. The time is now to hook up to the city water and start watering.

Larry Hobson



The Planning Commissioners of Lancaster are to be commended for their recent action denying a permit for a market to sell alcohol near a church, a sensitive sight requiring a distance of 300 feet. Coupled with another similar action several months ago, it is clear that the Commissioners understand their role in using the tools of local control to ensure communities are not overly saturated with alcohol outlets.

Undue concentration of alcohol outlets increase consumption and give rise to all sorts of health and social maladies including increased violent crime, spousal and child abuse and DUI arrests, deaths and property damage. Keeping strong controls on the number of outlets that come into the city is a sensible way of making our communities safer places to live, work and raise families.  

In order that we increase our health and rid ourselves of our horrendous health disparity rates, we recommend that local policy makers begin to limit the number of tobacco outlets, as well. We continue to experience the worst health in the county and continue to die at rates much higher than the County norm.

The diseases from which we are dying include every type of cancer as well as emphysema. Clearly, tobacco plays a major role, a message sent to us by the Los Angeles County Public Health Department on more than once occasion.  

City officials have taken steps to increase our health, these include the establishment of bike lanes and walking trails as well as purchasing homes throughout the city from which health services are provided. However, our health disparity rates have hardly budged. It is time to take the next step and decrease the availability and accessibility of tobacco by decreasing the number of tobacco outlets.  

Xavier Flores

Program director


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