Falling in love

Trump has been saying that during his first meeting with Kim Jung Un, they fell in love.

I wonder if that was before or after Trump dropped to his knees.

Marty Scepan


Shut up

and celebrate

The photograph of three flags being flown over the Wisconsin State Capitol may me very angry.

It is right and proper to fly the American flag and the Wisconsin State flag, but not the rainbow flag of the LGHBTQ folks. It is not a sign of including, but rather a sign of divisiveness.

This is not a gay country and that is not a gay state. The percentage of our population that is of this group (according to recent poles and estimates) is still less than 10% but lately it is certainly the most vocal.

If they want to have a day, a week or more to celebrate, thats fine. Just shut up and do it, just allow the rest of us to live our lives like we want to.  

Jim Gardner


Maybe it was Israel

Heard of the 8200 Section, the largest group in the Israeli Defense Force? Dedicated to hacking, spying, etc.. Think they helped Trump in the election, or was it just those Russians? Would criminal Rightwing Israel do that?

Maybe the AVPress will do a story on this American-supported intelligence group. It’s your tax dollars.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

‘United shades’

We need to be concerned about the Senate and old goat Mitch McConnell and not just Trump.

Mitch is Trump’s “wingman” who is holding up many bills the House has passed, some on a bipartisan basis.

Just like McConnell barred Obama from having a Supreme Court nominee considered and then used a different standard for Trump, McConnell is deceptive, president’s troll and foot stool and not committed to bettering the quality of life for all of us.

Perhaps being married to a woman who is wealthy and not of this country, who has a job with Trump’s administration, has clouded his understanding of the needs o “We the People,” not just the elite, top 1% or the white population.

We are a country of united shades.

Michael L. Jenkins

Palmdale and Lancaster

Some solutions

Trump could build the wall by charging fees for crossing the border. I suggest the following fee each way: $10 per truck; $5 per car; $1 per person in each vehicle; and $25 per person if they are in the trunk. These fees would be designated for building the wall.

I would like to suggest a “Caught in the Act” law be passed and implemented.

Basically if an individual is caught in the act of breaking a law, he/she would be brought in front of a judge within 72 hours. The District Attorney would describe the event, bring law enforcement personnel involved in the arrest and show that the individual(s) were caught in the act and there is no doubt that they committed the crime.  

The accused would have a lawyer present to argue the facts. The judge would review the facts, ask question, and if convinced that the individual arrested was caught in the act of committing the crime, would immediately sentence the individual.

Justice served within three days. Let see what cases this would apply. The individual who shot the two Pomona officers is an excellent example of “Caught in the Act” application.

There is no doubt that he shot and killed one officer and wounded the other. He was arrested on site, in possession of the weapon, and with many witnesses to the fact that he is the one who committed the crime. Another example Sgt. Owens shooting.

Joseph Orwat


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